Widen Your Reach: 5 Advantages of Mobile Apps for Businesses

The average American checks their phone 52 times each day. Consumers may be addicted to their mobile devices, but that’s good news for businesses.

There are many advantages of mobile apps, including more access and increased visibility. If you don’t already have an app, you’re missing out on potential new customers and losing money.

Are mobile applications for businesses worth it? We discuss the top five advantages of launching an app for your company.

1. Consumers Spend a Lot of Time on Smart Phones

Young adults alone spend an average of five hours a day on their smartphones. That’s a third of their waking lives.

And it’s not only young adults that use their phone a lot but older adults as well. Chances are good that a big chunk of your target audience uses a smartphone. If you don’t have an app, you’re missing out on potential sales. 

People use their phone on breaks at work, at the bus stop, while stuck in traffic, you name it. If you have a well-developed app with great features, these consumers will use it.

2. Encourage Sales with a Loyalty Program

If you have a loyalty program or a way to reward repeat customers, customers can use the app to track their status. Halfway to that free coffee? Customers are more likely to buy more with a free reward in sight.

Apps are also a great way to promote sales and discount codes. Marketing emails may get lost in the inbox, but these promotions are easier to keep track of in an app.

3. Create Brand Recognition

For new and small businesses, increasing brand recognition is one of the most important marketing strategies you should focus on.

Business mobile apps create brand recognition. You’re getting the word out there about your product, and consumers will try the app to get a feel for your business. This is a great chance to increase conversions and expand your audience.

4. More Customer Reviews Means More Exposure

Most consumers read product reviews before making a purchase. If you understand why reviews are important to customers, you can take advantage of this tendency in your marketing strategy.

An app encourages more customers to review the app as well as your products. If you have a lot of reviews not only do you get free feedback, but you get more exposure.

5. App Analytics Tells You About Customer Habits

If you want to know how to better serve your customers, you need to collect data on their habits and preferences. For example, which marketing strategies appeal to them the most?

You can collect this data with an app and use it to improve the user experience. This also helps you personalize your marketing strategy and make it more efficient.

Looking for someone to help create your app? Find professional App Developers to handcraft your app for you and take advantage of features like app analytics.

Don’t Miss out on the Advantages of Mobile Apps

The advantages of mobile apps are well worth the price.

Apps for business are beneficial to small and large companies alike. You learn more about your customers which helps you fine-tune your marketing strategy. You also increase brand awareness.

Considering that apps drive sales and increase exposure, the profits are worth the investment. 

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