Why You Should Use A Time Clock App for iPhone: How To Track Your Side Hustle

In 2017, there were more than 178 billion mobile apps downloads worldwide. That works out at over 23 apps for every adult and child on the planet.

Many of the apps we download have the sole purpose of killing time. Candy Crush, we’re looking at you here!

But there are some apps that rather than killing time, will actually measure it. A time clock app for an iPhone can help you track the time that you spend working on tasks. They are ideal if you have a side hustle and need to invoice for the time worked.

So read on as we look at the benefits of downloading a time clock app.

Accurate Billing

The most obvious benefit of a time tracking app is that it allows you to produce accurate invoices for your work. This is an important part of keeping on top of your business finances.

Using the app, you can track how long you spend working on a specific project. You can then bill for the exact amount of time spent. If you’re estimating how long you worked, you may end up billing for less time than you actually put in.

Better Productivity

Tracking your time allows you to see how long you spend working throughout the day.

You then have an accurate picture of how much was actually productive and how much of it was wasted on other tasks. By monitoring this information, you should over time be able to improve your productivity. 

If your work includes managing a team, then features such as employee scheduling will enable your entire team to be more productive too.

Understand Your Workflow

When you use a time tracking app, you can build up a picture of how you work throughout the day.

This enables you to see the periods where you get the most done. And also the times when you are least productive. You can then plan your work schedule so that you complete your most important tasks when you’re working at your peak.

More Focus

One of the struggles of being productive is to maintain focus.

And it is surprising how just the simple act of turning on a timer can help you to concentrate on the task at hand. Some apps will automatically pause the timer if you show no activity, which can discourage you from drifting off.

And the fact that you have to stop the timer if you get the urge to start looking through social media means you are less likely to do so.

Ready to Choose a Time Clock App for an iPhone?

We hope that this article has made you realize the benefits of downloading a time clock app for an iPhone.

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