Which Star Wars planet would you suit the most?

It’s the question you’ve all been asking – because who hasn’t watched Star Wars and wondered whether they could settle down as a moisture farmer on Tatooine, or party the night away in Coruscant?

Without further ado, find out which Star Wars planet you would suit the most, below:

The best planets for nature lovers…

Well, thanks to research by Betway Casino, we can categorically recommend the best Star Wars planet for you, depending on your personality, interests, hobbies and what you’re looking to get out of your time in a galaxy far, far away.

If your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon involves taking long walks through picturesque woodland, relaxing under tall pine trees and occasionally running into cute teddy bears, then you’re in luck, because the Forest Moon of Endor is the place for you. 

You might remember it as the location for the climactic fight between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire at the end of Return of the Jedi. 

The vibe is peaceful – with the planet mostly being made up of deep forests and treehouses. Just remember to stay away from the cities in the trees, because they are where the Ewoks live.

Ewoks might look cute – and are, when they are on your side – but they tend to attack you in a number of vicious and creative ways if they don’t like the look of you.

Alternatively, you could choose Naboo, which is generally considered a five-star resort planet, covered in stunning scenery that looks suspiciously like the Italian Lakes. 

Fittingly, Naboo is the home planet of Padme Amidala, who became Queen of Naboo and advocated for peace across the galaxy. It is probably pricey given its five-star status, so don’t live here if you’re afraid of an expensive pint.

The best planets for party animals…

If nature sounds boring to you, and you want to find cheap drinks and a good place to party, then you could do worse than Coruscant. It is a giant metropolis which spans the globe, and is the political center of the galaxy. 

Think of it like a planet-wide London. Some parts are glamorous, some of it is rough, but if you’re after a good night out, you will enjoy this city-planet.

While Bespin (home to Cloud City) doesn’t exactly provide the same atmosphere as Coruscant, it does share its metropolis aesthetic, and is a cleaner, safer alternative. Ideal if you’re looking to settle down.

The best planets for culture vultures…

If culture is your passion, then take a look at Alderaan. It is widely considered to be the most beautiful planet in the entire galaxy – a combination of incredible rolling hills, babbling brooks and peaceful townsfolk. 

The home planet of Princess Leia and the Organa’s (who set up the Rebel Alliance), you’re not short of cultural trend setters to take inspiration from.

Just be aware that Alderaan became target number one for the Empire’s Death Star, being atomized by its huge laser as a way of sending a terrifying message to the rest of the galaxy.

Make sure you take a holiday to another planet if imminent destruction looks like a possibility. 

The planets that are best avoided at all costs…

There are certain planets that no one wants to live on – unless you’re a Sith Lord or you’re hiding from one. 

Mustafar, for example, is a planet of lava, and about as inhospitable as you can find in the galaxy. Its only appeal is as a piece of cultural history – this was where Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi had their titanic battle at the end of Revenge of the Sith.

At the other end of the heat scale, Hoth is an ice planet and, although it has a Rebel base, is pretty horrible place to live long term. Ice blizzards, man-eating mammals and regular Imperial patrols make this a planet to avoid.