Which Is the Most Effective Way to Take CBD? A Guide

In 2016, retail sales on CBD products in the United States were $170 million. Many manufacturers are realizing the health and therapeutic benefits of CBD. With its many forms, you might be wondering the most effective way to take CBD.

Choosing the Most Effective Way to Take CBD

CBD comes in different forms and choosing how to take it is a dilemma for most people. Whichever way you consume CBD, the benefits are definite. So, which is the most effective way to take CBD?

1. CBD Edibles and Pills

One can ingest CBD after adding to food or beverages. The flavor of CBD is like cut grass but the drinks used alongside the CBD might make it undetectable. Using CBD pills in brownies and cookies renders them tasteless.

Heating the CBD oil on direct heat can give it an unpleasant taste. However, ingestion is one of the most recommended approaches. It is a longer-acting and healthy method of consuming CBD.

The edibles take about two hours to be absorbed through the stomach’s lining. As the cannabinoid passes through the digestive tract, the juices break it down. The result is a holistic effect on the body.

CBD-infused foods are available in some restaurants. Some manufacturers have infused CBD in iced teas and coffees. Candies and gummies with CBD have a longer shelf-life and are easy to carry.

Yet, some pharmacologists argue that CBD edibles are an inefficient way of consuming it. Drinking or eating the CBD means that it doesn’t go to the bloodstream directly. Besides, the food infused with CBD might deter the body from absorbing the product.

2. Tinctures

If you are wondering how to consume CBD, you can try tinctures. This involves taking the product under the tongue, using spray or a dropper. The tinctures are in oil form, which is derived from hemp plants using solvents such as ethanol.

Hold a few drops of the oil under your tongue for 30 seconds. Swallow the product and wait to experience the calmness. The method is effective and discreet.

Tinctures enable the body to absorb the CBD fast. The process takes less than 30 minutes. This is an effective way of taking CBD, especially when in excruciating pain or anxiety.

When using tinctures, it is hard to know the right dosage. The dropper cannot be efficient in dispensing the right amount of oil. Ensure that the pharmacist guides you in calculating the dosage when using a dropper or a spray.

Start with small doses of CBD oil to see whether you are sensitive to the product. For chronic pain, take daily doses for better management. Choose the Best CBD Marketplace to find a wide range of options for tinctures.

3. Smoking/Vaping

Smoking the flower of the hemp plants is another way to take CBD. Manufacturers have seized the opportunity to provide vape pens, which are e-cigarettes vaporizer devices. To take in the CBD product, you heat it up and inhale the vapor.

Inhaling CBD ensures quick absorption through the lungs. This approach has an immediate effect on the body. Yet, you need more doses because CBD’s effectiveness is short term.

You can use dried CBD flower on the vaporizer to reap all the benefits of the compound. With a variety of options for the concentrates, you can choose what works for you. It is important to research the processes to ensure that you get the right CBD product.

While inhaling CBD offers instant results, be wary of the cons. The vape pens have cartridges containing propylene glycol. When exposed to high temperatures, the solvent can produce a chemical that causes cancer and asthma.

Besides, getting an accurate dosage is difficult. The CBD you intake is dependent on your inhalation. Inhaling for too long might lead to overdose.

4. Transdermal Patch

If you are thinking of how to take CBD without ingesting or inhaling, a transdermal patch can be a great option. You place the medicated adhesive patch on the body. The patch uses the skin to absorb the CBD product into the bloodstream.

With the skin patches, it is possible to have consistent dosages. If you need long-term management of pain, the skin patches can be helpful. The option presents a holistic treatment plan.

The transdermal patches are in two categories. There are reservoir patches, where you mix the CBD oil with a gel solution. The matrix patches come in an adhesive layer that contains CBD.

5. Topical

You can rub CBD topical on sore joints or muscle to relieve inflammation. The balm and rubs are in the form of fat. You spread the balm on the affected areas and allow it to penetrate through the skin.

The use of topical ensures that you relieve pain in a specific area. The topical CBD interacts with the skin’s endocannabinoid receptors. It takes up to one hour to feel the effect of the rub or balm.

Topicals are not absorbed in the bloodstream as other forms of CBD. If you are unsure of the long-term effect of taking CBD, then applying it as a balm is safer. Getting the right amount is easier than when inhaling or using sublingually.

The balm and rubs can be costly because of the amount of CBD required. Having a concentrated version of the product will require you to dig deeper in your pocket. With the noted effectiveness, the cost is worth it.

The Most Effective Way to Take CBD Depends on Your Condition and Desired Outcomes

With the variety of options available, consider searching for more information. Check out the different CBD companies and their products. The reviews will help you get a worthwhile purchase and choose the most effective way to take CBD.

Our bodies react differently to CBD products. Start with a low dose so that you can check how you react. Increase the dosage until you are sure of the effectiveness.

Consult with your doctor especially if you have other pre-existing conditions.
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