Which Is the Best Way to Consume Weed? A Guide for Newbies

If you’re someone that is looking to enjoy your cannabis, you need to remember that there are several different ways to go about it. 

You have plenty of options in front of you that will let you take a hit of THC, whether you prefer smoke, edibles, or even drinking your weed. There are several ways you can go about this part of your lifestyle, but it’s important to do your research. 

Start with these tips so that you can begin exploring the best way to consume weed. 

What is the Best Way to Consume Weed?

Thankfully, you have tons of options in front of you that will be worthwhile. When you make a stop to your local dispensary, consider these options.  

1. Rolling a Joint

Ah, the classic joint. 

With this option, you can buy a set of rolling papers and start enjoying your favorite weed in seconds. Today’s rolling papers are even more sophisticated, with cone shapes and filters that enhance your smoking experience. 

Pioneers in the weed game are all coming out with their own signature strains, and smoking a joint is still the classic way to enjoy it. 

2. Smoking a Blunt

This is yet another classics option for weed smokers all around the world.

To roll a blunt, you take a cigar or cigarillo, gut it, and fill it up with weed.

For people that like a little bit more of a smoky flavor along with their cannabis, this is an incredible option. Whether you prefer Dutch Masters, White Owls, Backwoods or Swisher Sweets, there are several different blends and variations that you can look into it.

Learning to roll a perfect blunt is an art in itself and one that you will have plenty of years to perfect if this is your go-to method.

3. Eating Edibles

For people looking for an entirely different cannabis experience, edibles are just what you need.

Not only are they delicious, and a completely different, allure, but they give you an experience that you can’t get with any other method. Right now, dispensaries and other cannabis businesses are working hard to perfect the edible, striking the balance between potency and deliciousness.

So whether you prefer a nice brownie or a lollipop, this is definitely a good way to go.

Edibles are strong, so you should always read more and do your research before taking a bite. 

4. Enjoying a Bowl or Pipe

This is a very economical and enjoyable way to experience.

Not only is a pipe or bowl an excellent art piece to keep and treasure, but putting a little bit of cannabis inside of it will make it go a long way.

Some people prefer the glass bowl option, while others enjoy wooden or metal pipes. By looking into various options that you have in front of you, you can find the perfect smoking utensil for you.

There are loads and loads of options in this regard and before you know it, you will create a collection that you will be proud of as an avid toker.

5. Using a Vape Pen and Cartridge

Of course, everyone fancies smoking their weed.

You can get the same effect and then some by choosing to vape instead. Vapes are all the rage these days because they are very discreet and give you more potency than you get by simply smoking.

You will be able to mix and match a number of different flavors to your heart’s content so that you can try out different strains

It will not be taxing or damaging to your lungs and throat and is incredibly discreet.

6. Taking a Big Bong Hit

This is the college classic that is still a fan favorite for many.

The sky is the limit with the way that you use a bong, and there are so many different bongs of various sizes and types. 

You can even make your own bong with little more than a carton of milk and some ingenuity.

Be sure that you look into the various options and be prepared because bongs emit a serious dose that may be a bit much for the amateur smoker. Figure this out in advance so that it is smooth sailing once you are ready to enjoy yourself.

7. Drinking a Cannabis Infused Beverage

Today, cannabis dealers have gotten creative, in that you can even drink your weed. 

Yes, there are cannabis infused beverages, ranging from sweetened water and juice to cannabis beer. Make sure that you read the THC content so that you know exactly how much you are ingesting before guzzling the whole bottle. 

8. Going the Dab Route

Crystalized cannabis, also known as “dabs”, provides you an incredibly potent dose that is not for the amateur or the faint of heart. This gives you a very potent, very clear, cerebral high that will make you feel like you’re on the moon. 

However, it’s important that you take it easy because this high is long-lasting and potentially too heavy for some. 

Enjoy Your Weed on Your Terms

So what is the best way to consume weed? Really, it’s a matter of personal preference and taste. 

When you really want to relax and unwind, be sure that you do so with the right type of weed and the perfect method. These tips will get you started and allow you to enjoy cannabis on your terms. 

When you’d like to enjoy some cannabis on your terms, consider these tips.