Where Do You Learn to Fly an Aircraft: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you want to fly? Are you looking for the fast track to being in the sky? 

Learning how to fly has its prerequisites, but once you find the right place to learn, you’ll be above the clouds in no time at all. The first thing you need to consider is, where do you learn to fly? 

If you feel connected to the sky and you want to know how to get there, keep reading for the information you need.  

Flight Requirements 

Before you get a passing score or a legal certificate to fly, you should know your intentions for learning to fly. Are you interested in becoming a pilot? Or, are you wanting to fly for fun? 

If you need to complete pilot lessons, it’s suggested you study the FAA’s website for more details. However, if you want the basic requirements behind manned flight in the U.S. keep reading. 

Requirements for Learning to Fly 

You can learn to fly a plane without earning a certificate. However, this is like a training period for beginners, meaning that you’ll be accompanied by a trained pilot the entire time. All that’s required for flying a plane alongside a pilot is your proof of ID and proof that you pass certain qualifying medical exams. 

To clarify, this is simply to fly a plane, not to become a certified pilot. You can take lessons with a trained pilot and you may eventually earn a certificate, however, your best bet if receiving your license or certification officially. 

Another important detail when learning to fly is that all licenses are simple signs that show you did training to fly a particular aircraft. If you wanted to fly an extremely manageable aircraft, like an Ultra-Light, you won’t need a license. No matter where you start, as a private pilot or a commercial aircraft pilot, you’ll need to receive the training first. 

Requirements for Pilots 

Before you do anything, you need to earn your private pilot license for a single-engine aircraft. Eligibility requirements for a private pilots license can be found on the FAA official website. The basics include: 

  • Being at least 17
  • Passing English written and reading tests
  • Complete flight training and knowledge test

Before you can fly a private plane, you’ll get your student pilot certificate. You have up to 4 options for doing this, but your best bet is to a flight standards office and submit an application. 

If you want your commercial license you’ll need Instruments Training, a commercial pilot certificate, and plenty of experience. All of these requirements coincide with achieving a pass on aviation medical exams. 

Medical Exam Requirements 

If you’re going to learn how to fly a plane, you’ll mainly be tested on your vision. Any nearsightedness or farsightedness will be tested for extremes. If you have an eye disease or motor control problems, you may be disqualified.

Understand that the more dangerous of an aircraft you fly, the more intensive your medical exams become.  

Where Do You Learn to Fly? 

One of the first places you can go for pilot lessons is flight school. You can often choose between local schools, accelerated programs, and freelance instructors. Let’s look at the differences. 

Accelerated Programs

These are programs that promise to get you your pilots license in a very short period of time. The intention is to get you past all the basic requirements for your license in a single stretch. This option requires a commitment and tends to be more expensive than other programs. 

You can find accelerated programs all over the country, though many of them won’t appear at your local airport. You will find these programs in private sections of where you live, sometimes comprised of freelance instructors. You are typically able to get your private pilot’s license and instruments training here. 

Flight School 

Flight schools are seen as the college of flight training and can be found at most local airports. This option takes longer than an accelerated program but gets you accustomed to flying a plane, federal regulations, and any future goals you might have. 

It’s a good idea to talk to former graduates of a local flight school for more information. You can also contact your local airport for more information. 

Freelance or Private Instructor 

The quality and safety of your training depend entirely on your instructor. You can find freelancers without much trouble, and once you do you will report to their location or place of business. Often times a freelance instructor can be more fun and engaging than a traditional teacher, as they might have picked the job out of love instead of necessity. 

Learn More and Take Off

You started with a simple question: where do you learn to fly? This post was meant to tell you the closest and easiest places to learn without costing you a fortune or years off your life. 

Let’s review. 

The requirements for flying a plane depending on the aircraft and the license you want can vary. If you want to become a private pilot of a single-engine aircraft, you’ll need to pass medical exams like anyone else, but your roadmap is shorter than a commercial pilot

Every license you want to earn is meant to prove your ability and safety in the sky. However, many of you reading will be eligible. Next, you’re going to find the best places that teach you to fly locally, or at your local airport. 

Now that you know the basics, keep doing your research and learn to fly! 

While you’re doing that, keep reading our blog for tips and tricks to your favorite topics. Today was flying, keep reading to discover more!