What movies do men want to watch?

Regardless of the popular opinion on the matter, there are motion pictures that attract mainly a male audience or even intend to appeal to specific manly tastes. Of course, this does not mean men only watch certain productions, nor that women don’t like them at all. So, what typically draws guys’ attention?

The first thing we should probably mentioned here, and that is not surprising news at all, are the blockbuster movies. Who doesn’t like those superhero adventures, holiday films, and trendy comedies? If you do not limit yourself to award-winning pictures, niche films, or specific genres, chances are you appreciate the big hits as much as anybody else. It is believed that men tend to choose them more often than women. But ultimately, most of us can enjoy such kind of entertainment. After all, they keep making those things, so apparently, it works.

Those films are ordinarily packed with action, and that’s another favorite for the gents. All sorts of fighting scenes, battles, car chases, shooting, or intense survival plots are very dynamic and work well on the screen. There isn’t too much dialogue to follow and intricate details to focus on. Just sheer entertainment that helps us to relax and unwind, which is something everyone can use from time to time.

It doesn’t always have to be all about pure action or physical dominance over the opponents. The idea of appealing to the audience can also be based on those things we associate with masculinity: being attractive to the ladies, looking good and tough, enjoying manly hobbies, and so on. Oftentimes, casino-inspired motion pictures really hit the spot. And they aren’t always about the same thing. We have an exciting heist planned by Gorge Clooney and his bunch in Ocean’s series, a smart tale about math students taking advantage over the house in 21, or a compelling story about gangsters during Las Vegas golden era (Casino).

And yes, a little bit of roughhousing in the last one, too. There is something for everybody. Besides, an excellent movie, even full of action and good old-fashioned fighting, has to be about more than just that. Otherwise, there would be no difference between a B-class movie and a great work of Scorsese, Tarantino, or Coppola.