What Are the Different Types of Marijuana Strains?

The cannabis industry is booming. A research report published on Forbes predicts the global cannabis market will rise to a value above 31.4 billion in just two years time. Marijuana use is legal in 33 states and Washington, DC, whether for recreational or medical purposes, but that number is expected to rise.

While teenage use of cannabis has decreased, medical marijuana and recreational use among adults continue to grow.

The plant has helped individuals with a slew of medical conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, glaucoma and neurological problems such as epilepsy.

However, as any medical professional or informed cannabis expert will tell you,  marijuana strains vary. They create diverse effects, are used for different purposes.

In this post, you’ll be introduced to a variety of marijuana strains, learn more about their uses and effects.

Let’s hit it!

Different Types of Marijuana Strains

If marijuana is legal where you live and you want to know more about which strain to try, this article is the perfect guide. Here are the states where marijuana is legal.

What Is a Marijuana Strain?

If you’ve read up on cannabis or visited a dispensary, you might recognize the terms Sativa, Indica, and hybrid. These are the categories used to classify marijuana.

Indica comes from the Hindu Kush mountains in India. It produces a relaxing feeling when taken. On the other hand, Sativa gives one an energizing effect. And hybrid provides a bit of both.

But it’s not always a science. Indica can energize the user and Sativa relax them. Just like taking medication, the effect depends on the person’s brain chemistry.

Beyond the categories, you have marijuana strains, different cannabis breeds created with different effects. Knowing the effect you want will help you decide which strains to try.

It’s also important to know that cannabis is used for different medical conditions. Some strains work better for certain conditions than others.

Ask your doctor about the side effects or do some research. You’ll learn that some strains can cause dry eyes, dry mouth, dizziness, and other side effects.

Some strains interact with other prescriptions you take. So talk to your doctor if you take medication. Never drive or operate a machine until you know the strain’s effects. Make sure to speak with your physician.

Different Types of Marijuana Strains

Here are the different types of strains. Here’s how they affect most people.

1. Acapulco Gold

Acapulco gold is a popular cannabis strain that comes from Acapulco, Mexico. It has been known to reduce stress, fatigue, pain, and nausea. It is said to have an energizing effect and can induce euphoria.

2. Purple Kush

This strain has helped people with muscle spasms and pain reduction. Purple  Kush tends to make individuals relaxed, blissful and sleepy. If you have insomnia, this strain may help you sleep.

3. Pineapple Express

If you’re interested in pineapple express and more, read this guide. The movie Pineapple Express gave it popularity. This strain lifts your mood, relaxes you, but it also gives a boost of energy. Unlike Purple Kush, it can increase productivity.

4. Blue Dream

If you’re looking for a marijuana strain that relaxes and soothes but doesn’t have sedative effects, this is it.

People take Blue Dream for inflammation, cramps and reducing pain. But it also lightens moods and gives a euphoric feeling. A great choice when you can’t fall asleep.

5. Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles, also known as OG, or FPOG produces both relaxation and euphoria. It can help reduce stress and nausea.

One of its side effects is laughing and an increased appetite, so don’t be surprised when you feel giggly and hungry.

6. Sour Diesel

This strain lifts your mood and increases energy. Taking it may help you get things done around the house or finish that paper you’ve been putting off for school. Sour diesel has helped reduce chronic pain and reduce stress.

7. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush, a sleep-inducing and relaxing cannabis strain, has helped individuals battle insomnia. This strain has been known to relieve stress and lessen pain and decrease anxiety.

8. Afghan Kush

Afghan Kuch comes from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in the Hindu Kush mountains. It’s sleep-inducing, relaxing and has made people feel blissful.

It has been prescribed to reduce chronic pain. Afghan Kush can make you hungry when you lose your appetite.

9. Granddaddy Purple

Another relaxing marijuana strain, Granddaddy Purple is super relaxing. It’s commended strain. It’s applauded for fighting stress and insomnia.

It can also cause feelings of hunger and make one feel euphoric. Lose your appetite? This strain may be good for you.

10. LA Confidential

LA Confidential has been known to help people with insomnia fall asleep easier. It’s calming and sleep-inducing.

People have taken this marijuana strain to reduce chronic pain, decrease temporary pain and have used the strain as an anti-inflammatory.

11. Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze has been said to produce feelings of euphoria, reduce pain and soothe nausea. This cannabis strain also acts as a mood lifter and it’s a great stress buster.

12. Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie has helped give people energy, make them feel creative and also feel super relaxed. Its medicinal effects include fighting fatigue.

So if you want to feel energetic and productive while feeling relaxed, this may be the strain for you.

13. White Widow

White Widow boosts your energy, lifts your mood and relaxes you simultaneously.

It has been used to fight depression, decrease pain, battle fatigue and reduce pain and stress. If you’re experiencing fatigue, White Widow may help give you energy.

14. Northern Lights

Give your mood a boost with Northern Lights. This strain relaxes you, helps you sleep and fight insomnia. It has helped lift depression, reduce pain and fight stress.

15. Golden Goat

Euphoria and creativity are the effects of Golden Goat. This is one of the marijuana strains that fights stress, lifts the mood and decreases fatigue.

The Takeaway on Different Types of Marijuana Strains

Now you know the 15 different types of marijuana strains. Whether you want to induce sleep, reduce chronic pain or fight insomnia or depression, you know how to choose.

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