What Are Escape Rooms and How Are They so Good for the Mind?

Finally, after an hour of work you put in the last code and the door leading to the exit of the escape room swings open. Your adrenaline starts to calm down while you get your photo taken, but your senses remained heightened. This is because your brain was hard at work the entire time you were in the room.

Escape rooms are more than fun, they are food for your brain. They have intricate puzzles that force you to work as a team with your friends to figure out. This means while you’re flexing those brain muscles you were also developing teamwork skills.

We may have gotten ahead of ourselves. Are you still asking what are escape rooms? In this article, we’re going to tell you all about them and the benefits of booking a session for you and your friends.

1. What Is an Escape Room 

Before you begin to understand how an escape room can benefit you, you have to understand what they are. You and 6-12 friends will enter a room. As soon as you enter the room, the door will slam shut and lock. 

It will then be up to you to solve a collection of puzzles that will reveal codes and other methods of unlocking the door so you can escape. There are times where one room will lead to another so don’t be fooled into thinking once you get out of the first room you’re home free. Each game lasts about an hour, or at least that’s how much time you’re given to answer every puzzle and escape. 

2. Enhance Creativity

An escape room doesn’t hold your hand, meaning the codes and clues that you need to get out won’t be right in front of your face. You’ll have to get creative to find the answers that you seek. 

Without even realizing it, you’ll stop looking under the chair or behind a picture frame and try weirder methods, like putting an item on a scale that’s offered in the room for example. It’s this out of the box thinking that helps you enhance your creativity in ways you never thought possible. 

3. Develop Problem-Solving Skills

This one is sort of obvious. You’re given a problem and the solution is to get out of the room but to get to the solution you have to use your problem-solving skills. This can carry you beyond an escape room though. 

When faced with challenges in real life, you may start to think of it as an escape room. Sometimes you have to think a little out of the box to “crack the code”. 

4. Benefit Your Mood 

Doing an escape room can also help your mental health. Most escape rooms are designed in a way that when you finally get out, you feel like you’ve accomplished something major. 

It’s honestly a very awesome, self-esteem boosting experience. When you look back at the picture of you and your friends holding the completed sign you may think to yourself, “well I solved this problem there isn’t a reason why I can’t solve an actual life problem”. 

Also, taking a break from it all and engaging in something play related really reduces your stress levels. 

5. Help You Work on Your Time-Management Skills 

Again, you’ll have about an hour to complete an escape room so you have to learn how to prioritize your time to get done before the timer is up. It may seem like an hour is a lot of time until you see how many puzzles there are and how intricate they can get. An hour can fly by before you even realize it. 

You’re forced to look at the big picture. For example, learning that you need to make sure you have all the pieces needed to solve a bigger puzzle. Spending too much time on trial and error can be your downfall. 

6. Help You with Your Memory Skills 

Usually, when you’re in an escape room you’ll have to do a bunch of little puzzles to get the codes to answer a bigger one. It takes a good memory to remember what you’ve picked up so you can put everything together at the end. 

This is a great way for you to enhance your memory so you can tackle similar problems later. 

7. You’ll Develop Valuable Team-Building Skills 

Not everyone has the best social skills but in an escape room, you’re forced to put that behind you so you can work as a team to get out of the room. This means that you’ll need the cooperation of every last person in the group. If you bring this back to a work environment, often you have to collaborate with others for a common purpose like working on a project. 

It also increases your empathy. If someone is struggling in the escape room, everyone suffers if you just allow them to flounder along. It’s better to give them a hand. Again, this is something you can apply to your co-workers or project partners in the real world. 

To find out more ways escape rooms can help you develop team-building skills, go for more info here

What Are Escape Rooms? A Treat for Your Brain

What are escape rooms? Why a feast for your mind, that’s what. It gives you chance to stretch your problem-solving and memory skills while also having a great time with your friends.

What are you waiting for? Get together with your friends to take an hour to get away from reality and have an adventure of a lifetime. 

You can stretch your brain in so many unexpected ways! For more ways that your mind can benefit from fun games like this visit our game section