Very superstitious? Test your luck in these Slots

Superstitions can be weird and wacky, but if you believe in something, who are we to tell you that it won’t work! Whether you’re banking your success on a lucky pair of socks, a rabbit’s foot or a horseshoe, if your approach isn’t broken, don’t fix it. 

So, if you’re superstitious and value a good lucky charm, then these themed slot games could may well bring you some good fortune. On an online casino, you’ll want Lady Luck to be on your side as you treat yourself to a variety of different games, like Slots, Roulette and Bingo, the popular game that we all know and love!

Are you ready to put your luck to the test? Stay away from those mirrors and don’t step on any cracks, as these lucky charm Slots could reward you handsomely. 

Lucky U 

You could strike lucky when playing this slot game, since it’s based on one of the most well-known lucky charms, the horseshoe. The horseshoe really does afford you some good fortune in this game, if you find them across the reels, as they each have their own unique cash prize up for grabs. With instant wins for landing six of the same horseshoe on a pay-line in a single spin, you’ll hope that this trinket works in your favour. 

As luck would have it, this slot is crammed with rewarding symbols. You’ll be on the lookout for the purple gem symbol, since this is the most valuable icon in this game and could reward you with five times your initial bet if you find five across a pay-line. The slot’s wild is the shining star symbol and if you’ve been wishing on your own lucky stars, this could appear, replacing all other symbols — apart from the horseshoe trigger scatter. When this horseshoe scatter reveals itself, you will be entered into the slot’s bonus round! 

This happy-go-lucky bonus game will provide you with five free spins and also the total of all the horseshoe prizes, which will be added to winning pay-lines each time you use a free spin. 

Paddy’s Lucky Pigeon

You’ve heard of a lucky rabbit and maybe even a lucky cricket, but we’re going to take a guess that you haven’t come across a Lucky Pigeon before. Well, there’s a first time for everything, so now’s the time to cash in on that beginner’s luck. This lucky feathered friend could reward you with a jackpot that’s worth squawking about. 

Featuring a humorous cartoon theme, the Lucky Pigeon acts as the scatter symbol and when he swoops onto your reels, you will be awarded with free spins. This slot contains stacked wilds and though they may be lucky for you, they present themselves as icons displaying women covered in pigeon poo — clearly, they weren’t quite so lucky. 

However, it is a Russian superstition that being pooed on by a bird is good luck, which makes sense, as this stacked wild covers the reel, replacing all other symbols and giving you the chance to gain some instant wins!