Variety of Professions Artists Easily Succeed At

Art is entirely subjective and as the idiom goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The artist is versatile, and the artist comes in millions of shapes, forms, and permutations. There is an innumerable amount of professions that encapsulate what the idea of art exactly is. 

It is often confused as only painting on a canvas, which is wrong. Even interior designers and decorators are considered artists, the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator being that the former’s career is to plan and schedule the design and the decorator actively paints, moves furniture, and plays a significant role in the final stage of the design process. 

Become A Writer!

A human with an artistic flair is not resigned to any one career. One may draw delight in creative writing. Creative writing is a wondrous art that can deliver you from abject misery into a fantasy land of delight contained within its pages. Novels have long been an escape for the lonely, which is no surprise when we remember that fiction books are the most often purchased in the entire world! Creative writing comes in all manner of shapes and is not specific to simple crime fiction, rather there are so many permutations it would take forever to list!

On the other side of the coin is the poet; the poet is truly a creative writer, although the profession is listed separately as if it were not creative writing. Notwithstanding, poetry from Wordsworth to Grimmelshausen, is beautiful and one of the most incredible ways to write. Poetry has made men fall in love and made men kill. Poetry has been with us since the dawn of mankind, the oldest poem known to man is The Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Sumerian poem telling the inception of early man.

Non-fiction authors are also artists. Non-fiction comes in all manner of genres, from crime to wildlife, history to how a train works, and everything in-between. Non-fiction is all-encompassing and you would have a hard time finding a single thing that exists in this world that has not yet been written about.

Try Out Acting!

Acting is one of the oldest of the arts, acting goes back to Ancient Greece when the Greek’s would write and direct what they called divine plays, the plays of the Gods. The stories of Pan and the Minotaur all stem from the plays of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Greek mythology and folklore are so wide-reaching and vast it is impossible to encompass it in a single paragraph. 

Acting has been with us for so long; it is amazing that hundreds of years later we will quote Shakespeare and his plays are often still played in theatres and turned into live-action television. Not only that, but his books are also still part of the curriculum in many high schools and colleges.

Music and Directing

A choreographer is another artistic career; the choreographer can direct anything from a play to a music video. Choreographers are on set at all major films and television shows, without choreographers the industry of entertainment would cease to exist. 

Similar to a choreographer is the director. The director is largely involved in the direction of movies and television, as is the choreographer, but in a different way, the director largely focuses on dialogue. The director will take a script and turn it into a movie. In our current age, the director is one of the most sought after and seldom achieved artistic careers. Many flounder and make terrible fools of themselves; others become living legends. Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, and Steven Spielberg are some to have their movies immortalized in pop culture and each has its own subculture that follows their respective movies avidly.

As far as music is concerned; there is the composer who, as the name suggests, composes orchestras and symphonies. And, of course, there is the singer who ties all of it together and creates careers for the choreographer and the composer, although composers are usually directing solely instruments rather than anything else, some have directed operas.

Find Your Own Artistry!

As you have probably noticed there is no shortage of careers for those with an artistic flair; if you want to become an artist, you must find your calling and adhere to it with no falters. You must stick and preserve and as with anything in life, it will inevitably pay out. Those who fall away at the first hurdle were never meant for these types of careers in the first place, these sorts of careers can consume you and leave you with no free time, but you will find accomplishment spiritually and artistically, having unlimited avenues to express yourself.