Valuable Coins: 10 Coins To Be Aware Of

Do you know that in the US, the rare coin market value stands at $3.8 billion? You can collect coins as a hobby yet still earn some good money on the side by exchanging them for modern cash.

Over the years, money has undergone tremendous changes. More inventions are rolled out to make trade more manageable and efficient. However, some people still love the old heavy coins.

As a result, money collectors are out here looking for valuable coins. So, be on the lookout for these 10 types of coins that are worth a lot of money.

1. Valuable Undated 20p Coin

In the mid-1970s, the 10p coin was used for trading ventures in the UK. However, there were complaints from most traders that the coin was too heavy.

Amidst the money protest, the officials introduced the undated 20p coin. Its new design was appealing, and many traders used it for various businesses.

This money rebellion indicates that government officials should always advocate for convenient modes of exchange.

Currently, you can trade this coin at £47 in eBay. Its price is steady, and its value increases quite often. People still love this old gem.

2. 2018 Isaac Newton 50p

This coin was released in 2017 to commemorate the 375th anniversary of Isaac Newton’s birthday. As a result, the Royal Mint only enrolled 375 copies.

By 2018, the price of Sir Isaac Newton 50p was relatively steady in the eBay charts. You can sell this coin at £40.50. So, get some pocket change if you have this rare piece of coin. 

In 2018, the Royal Mint began manufacturing limited edition Isaac Newton 50p only for those who visit Wales.

3. 92/93 EEC 50P is One of These Valuable Coins

These rare coins were released between 1992 and 1993 under the orders of British Presidency Council of Europe. Only 109,000 pieces were ever manufactured.

These coins have unique serial numbers. Many people who own this type of coin don’t want to trade it out because of its unique traits. Some people believe that the 50p coin brings good luck.

So, next time you come across this coin, you can keep it to bring fortune. Or, you can sell it on eBay at £60. Either way, pick the route that you’ll find the coin beneficial.

4. Scarcest £2 Coin

This is the rarest £2 coin. It was initially used in UK’ nations such as Wales, Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland. This piece is so unique that it is only possessed by a few people.

Fortune hunters will pay twenty times of its original value to get this coin. eBay puts it at £30, but it can fetch more when sold physically to coin collectors without any intermediary services.

5. Scarcest 50p (Kew Gardens)

Do you know that you can sell this rare coin for £102? So, if you have this coin, you might be sleeping on some fortune.

Coin prices vary depending on their primary manufacturing material. If you see a coin fetching more money at the local markets, then it means that it is made of a unique metal.

6. The 1894 S Barber Dime

Dimes are rare to come about. Their values vary from $29-$600. But the 1894 S Barber Dime is one of its kind.

There are only 9 of these dimes, and only two are in circulation. These dimes are very expensive and can fetch $1.9 million.

If you have any of the two 1894 S Barber dimes that are in circulation, then you could be the next millionaire. Before you sell this rare coin, visit a specialist to give you the right cost estimate. Be wary of rogue dealers who may undervalue the currency and get more from in it behind your back.

In short, take your time and do thorough research before closing the sales deal.

7. 2015 Britannia £2

Britannia has a long history with British currency. She made her debut entry to British coins in 1672 under the reign of Charles II. Ever since she has appeared in different coins.

This rare coin is the scarcest UK £2 currency. Only 650,000 of them are in circulation. Its current price at eBay is £5.

Therefore, if you have lots of this rare coin, then you can make a fortune out of it. It is a favorite among many fortune hunters. They are willing to pay more if you can get them more Britannia £2 coins.

8. Kew Gardens 50p

It is the rarest 50 pence coin. These types of coins sell for more than 200 times their original value. Besides, it has a stable market price at the eBay charts.

Currently, the Kew Gardens 50p is selling at £120; an improvement from £97. Now imagine how much you can make from 100 such coins. Impeccable!

It is one of the few coins whose price keeps on rising. So, if you have this coin, change it for some good money.

9. Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p

The Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p is very popular with most collectors. Currently, about 2.1 million such coins are in circulation. However, coming across these coins is very difficult.

Many people prefer to keep them at home rather than trade them for money. Why? Well, some people enjoy the excitement of being the only ones who possess certain types of coins.

If you aren’t in this group, then sell your coin at £10.50 on eBay.

10. Scarcest Olympic 50p (Football)

This football coin is valued at £7.50 on eBay. It also has a steady price in different coin markets. Collectors will pay you more money if you can provide them with many coins.

Twenty nine 50p coins were released in 2012 to celebrate the London Olympics. The release of this coin raised the interest of people in scarce coin. According to the Royal Mint, there are only 25 percent Olympic 50p coins in circulation.

However, before trading in this coin, ensure that you do comprehensive market consultation. You may find good coin dealers who’ll buy your merchandise at relatively higher prices.

Coin collecting is an exciting hobby. You can also make good money on the side if you sell some valuable coins. Whatever the reason, ensure that you make the most out of your scarce coin. Visit our website for more informative articles.