Useful Tips to Secure a Journalism Internship

It’s a rare journalism major who isn’t dreaming about securing an internship with a top-notch company. Though finding an appropriate internship can be a mind-numbing and time-consuming undertaking, it’s definitely worth your while. Once you complete your internship, you’ll get related experience and valuable skills, which can boost your chances of landing a dream job after graduation. By undertaking an internship not only will you get a chance to learn about the chosen career field from the inside, but also become a more effective communicator and team player. There are no confines or geographical limits that can prevent you from getting a dream internship. You can either pick some local company or intern across the nation or around the world. So, don’t lose the opportunity to get your career aspirations and achievements to the next level. Check out some no-brainer yet quite effective tips that will help you score and succeed in your internship.

Where to Start Your Internship Search

Don’t put off the search process until a later time. Start exploring options early so that you can reach out to your prospective employers. Also, contact your Placements and Internships college team to make your internship preferences known and secure a desired placement.

You can also take the initiative and source your internship by yourself. Reach and News UK are the two biggest newspaper companies around with titles such as The Times, The Mirror, The and Sun all under their ownership. If you would prefer to intern locally then Reach has placements available at the likes of The Liverpool Echo and The Daily Record.

Make sure to investigate the internship opportunities advertised by employers. Once or twice a year, lots of journalism schools and universities put up Internship Fairs, which may go a long way in matching interns with the right employers. So, it’s a good idea to avail yourself of this opportunity as well.

There are dozens of dedicated websites that offer vast internship opportunities to journalist majors. You can start off by researching the local publications or news agencies to find out whether they provide internship opportunities to students and what specific requirements you must meet to qualify for a placement. Furthermore, you want to take advantage of professional networking websites. It’s a good idea to check out LinkedIn first. Courtesy of its convenient filter system, you can quickly find the whole host of roles and positions offered by various companies and quickly apply for an internship job you find attractive.

Applying for Internships

Once you spot the ideal placement or internship opportunity, take the time to figure out what’s required of you to fit into the new job environment. It’s very important that you understand what type of journalism is practiced in the company you want to serve your internship at. And after you make sure you possess the required degree and the minimum level of skills needed for this job, you may proceed to apply for the coveted position.

To successfully complete an application, you may need to submit your resume and cover letter. Note that they are not mere formalities. Lots of journalist majors pursue their internships at different stages of their academic career, so the competition is rather high in this sphere. Take care to create a succinct yet vigorous and informative resume where you outline your educational background, mention your past experience, and outline your personal skills that can set your apart from other applicants. It’s also important that you not merely describe related experience but also explain how it matches what is required for the placement you’re seeking. In your cover letter, you want to convince your employer that your candidature is worth considering. There are lots of examples of outstanding cover letters out there. Be sure to check them out. There are also default resume and cover letter builders you can use to your advantage. To nail your CV or create a truly convincing cover letter, consider attending career-related events and workshops focused on developing a high quality application.

Opt for Online Internships

It seems that Covid-19 isn’t going to lose grip on today’s society. With face-to-face learning now being almost a luxury, lots of journalism school schools advise students against any on-site or in-person placement in light of the pandemic. Luckily for all students eager to enrich their arsenal of professional skills and obtain hands-on experience in a real-work environment, lots of employers have adapted their internship program for the current pandemic situation and now offer full-fledged remote training to future journalists. According to students and educators’ accounts, online internships can be no less effective than their face-to-face counterparts. Modern technical solutions make it possible for journalism majors to attend online briefings, interact with coworkers and mentors effectively, and accumulate valuable hands-on experience. What’s more, by undergoing such an internship, you may acquire other important soft skills like adaptability, flexibility, and resilience.

Isabelle Foster, a professional journalist and senior writer at an online research paper writing company. The author is passionate about psychology, philosophy, and personal development topics. Her extensive experience and expertise now allow helping thousands of students create more successful papers.