Chess & Steams(Cakes Up) vs Marv Won & Quest Mcody
Introductions https://www.instagram.com/p/BDbYhjVM…-by=smackwhite

————————————ROUND 1———————————-
We got the weakest niggas on the card-Steams
I no longer get held up by chess like high school bullies-Steams pulling his own collar up
How you wanna leave em dead for the bread? Pump a nickel! – cakes
Chess and Steams just locked arms back to back and spun like a tornado WHAT?!
Chess just fell to the floor. “Translation? His chest drop!”
Let’s be honest Chess, you’ll NEVER eat MY food -Marv
If my K shined on you, you wouldn’t have pushed it back! -Marv & Quest
Guarantee I fix your face. Chopper in my pants, got me walking like I had my hip replaced! -Marv
Just cause we put you in the trunk don’t mean we wheel spare you – Quest
Crazy how two niggas from OVER the hill gon put you UNDER the ground – Marv and Quest closer
————————————–ROUND 2—————————–
We the only 2 niggas on the card battling FOUR people. We both let it go, like mature people -Chess
Point at her with uz’ (ooh’s) like when kids say a curse -Steams
Fat nigga with a butt stomach, with ya frontin ass -Cakes
Your beard stinks, only nigga I know with a must-stache -Steams
Edited movies, I clean screens, arms behind his head while he choking, that’s Hulk Hogan and Mean Jean (sp?) -Chess
Pull your pants up lil nigga, ya look dirty. How old is he? 18? He look thirty! -Marv & Quest to Chess
I don’t tap pockets with my shotgun – I catch bodies with it-Marv
Quest going at smack for why he’s not on URL
Play me nigga, you’ll get an original smack like shea Davis! – Marv
I thought this was about bars, y’all niggas turning it into dance class! -Marv & Quest
I’ll First 48 you, the second was the star, CAUSE THE FIRST FORTY ATE YOU – Marv & Quest
———————————–ROUND 3—————————
DNA and Shine the saddest pair, Surf it is the art of war but I could Sun Tsu and put a sword through Roc like a cavalier! – Cakes
Wait, Saga wanna be Jesus and they attached him to a big T?? Chess
We all know john john like to steal/steel, now he got Clips to put in there! – Cakes
It’s ironic you send Quest on all the journeys – Cakes
I’ll put Marv onto (on a) Quest like he tryna find himself -Steams
Street niggas but we book smart. Fuck that Steams you a ho ass nigga -Marv & Quest
How the fuck he got you rappin about a life he don’t even live himself? -Marv to Chess
Someone just passed out in the crowd.
Battle Over. People Saying Marv & Quest 2-1 or 3-0
Chilla Jones & B Magic(WB) vs T-Top & Brizz Rawsteen

————————————–ROUND 1——————————-
I’ll show you who’s poppin like a paternity test, now that’s childproof -Magic
Tell T Top this ain’t the game for him, chopper tornado his wig, now that’s brain storming -Magic
So Magic keeps doing direct punches then Chilla comes in with the crazy homonyms and shit with the same scheme. FIRE approach
Chilla & Magic ended by roasting T Top for his weight, they got jokes!
They Writers Bloque, team that like to write a lot, thw way your careers goin don’t matter if we write or not – Top and Brizz
Ill get to fuckin up Magic on stage like my trick ain’t work! -Brizz
Wala nigga tah dah Nigga get your shirt tie died nigga” – Brizz and Top
Punchline punchline name flip, but when you battled the nigga you did the same shit-Top
————————————-ROUND 2—————————-
Chilla just put on a skullcap just like Magic wears. “It’s C Magic mother fucker” – Chilla
Now magic is scheming like Chilla!
Evil Kenival, when you jump in that fire ring!!!!! – B Magic
No scheme, you got the face of the hienna off Lion King- Chilla to Brizz
Dot on his head, dot on his face – you would think Mook around” – Top & Brizz
You Mr. Dropped from Top Tier to a Uber now -Top
I’m talkin shots to his mouth like when they put holes in 50-Brizz
I’ll have a bitch leaking out the trash bags like I put holes in Missy” – Top
Hitman came with stacks and damn near paid your taxes! -Brizz to Chilla
you know what rhyme with B Magic? CHOKING NIGGA -Top
U went from having the magic touch to having to get Magic touched” -Brizz
——————————–ROUND 3————————————
Chilla lamenting his choke against B Magic. “I gotta get the rest of these bars off”
they gassin in the back like a flame thrower, I’ll light up their whole pack like a chain smoker – Chilla & Magic
Writers Bloque hitting in the third. “Chilla pull up, fly, no zipper, mop the floor with you cause the flows swifter”
Couldn’t wait to get to Irvin Plaza to merc this bastard, kill him from 9 to 5 let me work some Magic -Brizz
Battle Over. People saying Top and Brizz 3-0 or 2-1
Top and Brizz Bars https://www.instagram.com/p/BDbhTyTM…-by=smackwhite
Math Hoffa & Cortez(NYB) vs Aye Verb & Yung Ill
Bars from NYB https://www.instagram.com/p/BDboFc5C…d=doubleimpact
Bars from ill https://www.instagram.com/p/BDbo2CGC…d=doubleimpact
Bars from verb https://www.instagram.com/p/BDbqPFCC…d=doubleimpact
Smack just handed Math food to make sure he’s not hungry

——————————–ROUND 1—————————–
Cor just did a few WOO’s in Maths face just to make sure lmao
Who just asked if I ate? Who was that nigga? You ain’t been here in years, now he has a beard, that’s Smack nigga! – Math and Cor
Who we got? aye verb WOO! That niggas gettin booed today! – Math
You gon be pissed when this come out on the Tube, that’s a catheter -NYB
Last time was bad for ya. You got killed by Shine so bad we thought you was Dracula -Math to Verb
3 Trash Rounds – they ain’t book him in a long time!!- Math to Verb
Math: u goin be pissed with this come out on the tube CORTEZ: that’s a catheter
It’s High Time we shoot him and his buds, that’s weed pictures, that’s evil Math, 3 6’s – NYB
I just had a daughter, that should show you that I STILL go raw – Math
We the truth and you a pair of lies – you lack feeling” – Math & Cortez
When I battled verb in that crack building, couldn’t fuck with the kid, ya punches was weak, KATT WILLIAMS -Math
Aye Verb battling Yung I’ll for the start
You just keep doggin me and doggin me… Man if you don’t leave that shit alone! Man it’s callllllin me! – Verb and Ill lol
March up & give Math the final four – it’s tournament time!-Ill
No talking just hand movements we turn into mimes / double barrel double funeral two hearses in line-Ill
Ill did the whole first round for St Louis after Verb lecture
——————————–ROUND 2—————————————–
Cortez just stopped Math from doing the Biggie line again. Remixed it into a better sceme
They’re doing a whole scheme using the tracklist off BIG’s Life After Death
If I Nick Yung then his man from the Lou Will act defensive” -Math
“Yo these Doritos is mad delicious, you can have them niggas” – Cor
“I’ll shoot them both then slide to the side – I dolly llamas” -Math
I’ll start boxing these niggas, got more hits than the World Star top box for these niggas! -Math
The scheme ended with “knock em out, stand on they block, Milli Rock on these niggas!”-Math And the room exploded
Aye Verb staring off the round with a Show Time
I’m Gerald Fulton – that’s Hitman with a mossberg *ch-ch* lets see if SMACK get in the way of this one” – Verb
To make it plane, y’all both going in the sky, this a couples trip… Tez wife reekin in black, lil double dip -Verb
“long nose – Snuggaluffagus-Verb
NINA like a grudge – Ima hold it against you / my fetish is pathetic I love watching pussies bleed – I’m so into menstrual” -Verb
Verb had his crazy Pegasus/Zeus temple line. He’s going crazy
I’m prepared to, small drum, it’s a snare too! -Verb
“U can’t spit like that / you ate Bonnie go divas ass – I ain’t know U was into shit like that” -Verb closer
—————————————ROUND 3———————————
Cortez and Math just brought the chairs back out to go for a ride
NYB bring back the soundtrack they used against DNA & K-Shine & what Math used vs Head ICE
Math and Cor said they getting out the car and keeping it straight bars
We saw Ill disappear after we couldn’t get eyes on his 2 L’s -Math
You was ballin, wait, every time we see you you droppin tiers, you the Jordan face! -NYB to ill
“Smack and Beasley be hiding the bodies like Snoop & Chris” – Cor
You say the crowd is never with ya, you get your ass whooped with booze in New York, you Derrick Fisher -NYB
NYB going at verb for “disappearing” during the Diz fight
NYB accusing Verb of having T Rex dick pics saved in his phone.
“U called me a homo / do real niggas save pictures of Rex dick inside they phone though?” -Math
“I put that *CH* in front of Ill and Aye (Chilla) like I scheme a lot” – Math
I got this razor that will cut Verb short just like- Jersey -NYB Closer
“Fuck u looking at? Get smacked over that grill – be in Norbes position”-Ill
Cortez? Let the border get him. BK, I’m takin back the bag like somethin from the orders missin -Ill
“wrote all that trash and kept everything y’all on a hoarders mission / rap around body I be Boa Constrictin'” -Verb
Like a Jamaican doin laundry, watch they whole roster/rasta fold -Ill
Y’all went bald at the same time! How’d ya shit get like that. – Verb & I’ll to Math & Tez
Debatable Battle
Tay Roc & Tsu Surf(Gun Titles) vs Dna & K Shine(NWX)
Bars from roc and surf https://www.instagram.com/p/BDb2aMxP…d=doubleimpact
Bars from NWX https://www.instagram.com/p/BDbxLx3s…d=doubleimpact

————————————ROUND 1————————————–
Button shirt, bag zipped, boy I’ll have Roc on yo ass like the fast 6-Surf
I’ll tell my niggas Paul Walker, that mean CRASH whips – Gun Titles still switching off on the same scheme
We tryna spazz quick, jump out with my ratchets sister like “yasssss bitch” -Roc
Big T fingers after lunch, do him greezy, before the shot Hanes, after? YEEZY! Before? Schumpert. After? BEASLEY – Gun Titles
Before the shot Big T – After the shot TALL T” – Roc & Surf
Fight almost breaking out with shine & Roc
Surf: Bro u look like a cop Roc: I’ll put this pig in a blanket

MK with the binoculars, I got Michael Kors watch -Surf
Hit your mellow and lake her, they gon have to Fisher outta there – Roc
Roc ends with aggression in DNA’s face and then smiles to end the round. Energy is back in the room after the scuffle
NWX starting out with a gun titles “show you what it really meant” scheme
Surf need to worry about that nigga that’s dot mobbin, fuck what it’s a mountain to, I’m shooting wherever Roc climbing – NWX
NWX with a counter Tsu/counter-sue/counter, TSU scheme
DNA and Shine took a minute to warm up but they just did some crazy “reversal / reverse tsu” teamwork
“This who Tay Diggs – u ain’t event the best man” -NWX
Get the stock to, hit Roc group, we tryna Make the Band – NWX
This shitll can Tsu like a change of plans – NWX
Go against the pops? U get he business Like Shane McMahon” – NWX
Heavy rounds, deep dishes, with a gun so big hitman can’t remix it – NWX
———————————–ROUND 2—————————-
I carry a five, and ill put it on ya kids like I was swearin to God – Roc
Hey God, I’ll send you a few angels. This how i like em: in a ugly box at acute angle -Surf
DNA couldn’t come out til he was done with his chores and shine got ointment his face to cover the sores – Gun Titles
Roc and Surf had a craaaazy geometry scheme “bang shit like a plane hit – that’s a pentagon”
Y’all. Some mid tier / top tier rappers, y’all Corvettes (Cor vets)-Gun Titles
rum nitty get buried with the work, that’s how you make a rum and coke -roc
Let two pick in his mouth that’s Razor Ramon” – Roc & Surf
Legion of Doom, I be an animal with these Hawks-Roc and Surf
“Matt and Jeff hardy we be flipping wit ladders” – GUNTITLES
WWF scheme is crazy! “u say u ain’t a faggot that’s what he told us / if I cremated this botch his ashes would be Gold Dust” – Roc / Surf
Hey D, r u n K drunk? (Are you and K) -Surf
Gun Titles with the Jersey closer lol, great second round. On NWX
NWX going at Surf for getting let off easy with gun charges “they don’t have that many get out of jail fee cards in Monopoly”
Shine went at Roc for crew hopping, Roc said suck my dick, Shine came back looking ready to swing They both went crazy and almost fought again. Smack said battle is over. It’s a wrap
The Saga & Big T(NWX) vs Charlie Clips & John John Da Don
Big t bars https://www.instagram.com/p/BDb4e54sTkD/

——————————————–ROUND 1——————————–
It’s Team Unstoppable, you had an addiction and you beat it! Every time you got in the mood -JJ
“Mama said before u eat u gotta prey over your food *hands up* dear heavenly father” – Clips
Thank god you got the passion of Christ, cause you gonna have to carry a Big T on your back-JJDD
The 50 leave a bad taste in ya mouth like a Vivica Fox” -Clips
I’ll scream park life then SWING something that will make the whole park SLIDE – Clips
“We so mean wit it, how about we STEAL something and do a whole nother scheme with it” – John John & Clips
This nigga beat his dick so much he had to give it that is he dead kick -JJ to Saga
Your dreads smell like Olivia Garden, strips clubs, & ass cheeks- Clips to Big T
Ratchet at a movie theater, I’m bout to make it talk through Clips – Big T
Big T snapping. He telling Saga to get more aggressive “wanna turn John John and Clips to the coup edition
Watch this, kid, supervision, I’ll pull up at the wrong spot like the Uber trippin – Saga
Buck 50 give Jonny Gill’s – New Edition” -Big T
We like killers, clap over his head and slide on em, like Thriller – NWX (t and saga did the thriller dance)
When I see John John and Clips I ice grill em, like black girls when they see black men with white women -Saga
Saga: Split his thoughts he goin need to think twice like he hesitant Big T:with Bear hands ill leave yo ass that’s the Revenant
—————————————-ROUND 2——————————–
Clips: Duke in ’92 John John: The K will raise T before it give Christian a shot
You just became top tier this morning!! Clips to JJDD
He wanna be pac til I let it ring on the side of his nose, I’ll brush this nigga here then leave Chicago on the side of the road – Clips
Fuck all this team shit. Good thing I came with revolvers, cause I don’t even need clips! -JJ
It’s obvious whoever amp you T don’t even HAVE arms -JJ
Charlie Clips: How about we give you multiple choice John John : To guess what room we in
Clips did the holy father on Saga forehead to close round 2
If my guys pull, book, or you gon get the first and second John – NWX
Mamma say mamma coo sah / big rockets taking off like Olajuwon” -T
Blood, ask how much of it, Cleveland in family guy, crash through the wall and spill a tub of it -T
Now NWX doing a multiple choice for guess which room I’m in
——————————————-ROUND 3————————————
Y’all had to suck dick to get here and that’s the gap… They had to get the D in they (DNA) mouth -JJ
You know DNA and jerking off go hand in hand – JJDD and Clips
Blam the can you cant tell if he was laying down or standing up, rest in peace Sandra Bland” – Clips and John John
clips going over everything unholy saga has been doing lately (gun bars etc.)
“How many of y’all believe in God – he got y’all falling in love with Saga for no reason”- Clips
Over a billion know God; You use GODs name and can’t even get a million views-Clips
Jj and Clips have a crazy 7 deadly sins scheme killing NWX.
The sixth sin is envy, it’s Rain to battle rappers, we have everything he wish he had -JJ
Can I get a hallelujah? Gun so big feel like I got God himself to shoot you! – clips won’t leave Saga alone lmao
They just cut the lights on & started playing music before Big T & Saga could do their 3rd,Might take it outside to do Saga and Ts last rd