URL DOA EVENT RECAP (Aye Verb vs Real Deal)

Just got back from the event and all of the following is based on my opinion and of those at the venue.

Real Deal vs Aye Verb: Verb took round 1 easily. Round 2 was all Real Deal and Round 3 could go either way. It’s a 2-1 depending on how you judge the 3rd. I had it 2-1 Verb.

Th3 Saga vs Swave Sevah: Saga 3-0. Everyone in the venue agreed. Wasn’t a body but Swave lost every round clearly.

Steams vs E Ness: Steams won 3-0. Yep. You read that right. Eness didnt take him seriously and Steams came with fire.

Rum Nitty vs Danja Zone: Classic battle. 2-1 either way but both brought it!

Heartless vs Authentikz: Heartless 3-0. Body of the night. Heartless too advanced for this kid.