Jerry Wess vs Bangz
———————–ROUND 1———————-
I used to scrap in front of the crib and get beatings if I ain’t beat the the nigga-Bangz
I actually signed a contract not to scrap with you. And you talking about scratchin, the claws/clause different -Bangz
Everybody in the car mellow til I give him 7 in his chest… And da knees – bangz
What sense do it make to bring Jerry to the stage….just to fight-Bangz
That’s D Brown, I’m still banging if I can’t see-Bangz
On this stage im TOO fuckin comfortable; like your bitch takin a shit with the door open -Bangz
Smack called- I’m lyin, NORBES hit my phone -Jerry Wess
The clip empty, I switch steel like a bad bitch when she KNOW you lookin -Jerry Wess
The only way Bangz overhead is a warning shot -Jerry Wess
You beatin me? @ConceitedNYC in the elevator, you gon come up short -Jerry Wess
Low key I got the top locked, like apartment doors-Jerry Wess
It go KABOOM,(jumps into his crew) the kickback make a nigga crowd surf -Jerry Wess
You different but Eye/I black,like a possessed nigga-Jerry Wess
In other words, if you can’t read, I’ll let a fan tase ya/Fantasia-Jerry wess
———————-ROUND 2—————————-
This gun will pick you up like your niggas in the background -Bangzi nsane rebuttal
Twin ratchets burn him, either way he getting twice the clap-Bangz
Untuckin the ratchet, buck in his basket like I’m tryna donate somethin -bangz
You gonna be stuck in/and a/maze like it’s jaw dropping-Bangz
You actually have to have a spine to be spazzin back-bangz
I bet you didn’t even see that one coming,like walking backwards-Bangz
I’ll break both sides of your chick arms and really have you really dealing with a broke bitch-Bangz
I’ll lead you to the shot, two to (tutor) you when I walk you through it -Bangz
Use a knife like I’m STICKIN to the plan, and going THROUGH with it -Jerry Wess
Jerry Wess just disappeared into his crew for a second and came back in a different outfit lmao
This a slave trade, you gettin a DIFFERENT nigga-Jerry Wess
Bullets, If he want Mo. he can/Mohican I’m an Indian Giver-Jerry Wess
I get my hookin and jabbin on, he tryna block from both sides… Lookin like he dabbing wrong -Jerry Wess
If my mans cross arms, you’ll get picked on the low, that’s the jail pose -Jerry Wess
Think Auction…ya numbers up if I raise the arm-Jerry Wess
I’m bout to steal your hairstyle… Cause I’ll ROCK your wig, Helipad big as a football field. ThE chopp big-JERRY Wess
tell the saga to battle me. He gon need an exorcist -Jerry Wess
Got 2 Trey, my eyes closed….I’m meditating-Jerry Wess
Your chick give me brain cause she thirsty. One word to describe that gag reflex? Jersey -Jerry Wess
————————–ROUND 3————————–
This axe (acts) hurt more, hypochondriac -Bangz
Shells dropping like Matrix numbers-BANGz
Baseball bat ya spine…and make it Ark/Arc enough to make Noah Jealous-Bangz
Biology,I had to open up with a body-Bangz
High school yearbook pic, nothin but a headshot -bangz
What you like 6’1″? You’ll still die by the pounds like Big Pun -Bangz
Yes sir, and (saran) it’s a wrap, I won’t spoil it! -Bangz
Silencer in his bae ear, shhhh, I’m sweet talkin. You lift arms? In your dreams, you sleep walkin -Jerry wess
Silencer *shhh* in his Bae Ear,I’ll sweet talk em-Jerry Wess
I’ll have homeless niggas rush in ya crib, and bum rush him-JERry WESS
I’m in your turf and I’m not slippin. Grandma gettin ready for church; the stock liftin -Jerry Wess
Got him doing the robot, cause every body still when the arm swing -Jerry Wess
People saying Jerry 2-1 or 3-0
Nunn Nunn vs Bonus

————————ROUND 1————–
If it ain’t thugs and harmony, I don’t care what Bonus spittin -Nunn
I’m ray Allen, the best that’s ever been with the Bucks-Nunn
A hollow will live his face on his shirt… I’m not excited -Nunn
Gun. It’s stigmata if u referring to hurtin Nun-Nunn
That’s ya plan, to talk loud? I’m a lumberjack, I’m cutting that bark down-Nunn
I’ma get merked by your gun? You a blister, only pop up when the works done -Nunn
Pursuit of happyness, it’s a sad look when the son share a clip with his father -Bonus
Till I present him with the metal and the stiff arm, that’s the Heisman-Bonus
Lairs gone Since I’m coming from jersey if u ain’t authentic. U get the iron on -Bonus
I’ll grab the cal like a hand towel. Only use it to wipe his face off-Bonus
I’ll try and right angles to a certain degree-Bonus
Homo thug. A pair a shoot behind his whip if this drag race up -Bonus
————————ROUND 2———————–
Infrareds have him looking like Team Homi at QOTR, tryna fight off the DOTs -Nunn
Biblical…. Cause even a snake had to use a Apple to fuck up the garden-Nunn
Fuck Bonus. His bitch wanna bone us. Run a train through her house like Mr Rogers-Nunn
tell ur bitch get off my Damn line. She my last year Yankee I g’d her for the last time-Nunn
I’ll hellen Keller him. Turn a loud boy to a mute bitch-Nunn
When me and the K are as one, I get criminal minded -Nunn
Gave your girl that Clips rematch, then she smoked the best Roc she ever SEEN! -Nunn
Like that URL bill board, if we see his signs is off he gettin FUCKED UP -bonus
Even if I take half of Nunn, it still equals nothing -Bonus
He said he keep the piece with the 22 but I can’t really see nun chuck up the deuces up-Bonus
Why would I keep U in my head when I’m not a Colts player -Bonus
We all know Michael J Fox the only white boy known for shaking-Bonus
Do that nice. These lines across my head is doo rag tight. Nine hit u. Rubber grips on both handles like a bicycle-Bonus
————————–ROUND 3———————-
Ima hold it down. I’m usually good for 3 but I’m go for 4 and give Bonus rounds,Oj in the bronco. I ain’t gonna slow it down -nunn
How Nobel of you… Here…. Take this piece prize-Nunn
I put this 22 on 2…. THAT’S DOUBLE IMPACT-Nunn
You should kill Tink I suppose, but he couldn’t body the demon if he was Emily Rose -Nunn
Fuck the super bowl. THIS cam making Carolina look GOOD – Nunn
Knife stop a lot of the beef. Jagged edge to it. The bade remind u of Prez Mafia teeth-Bonus
Ox lover. Terrorist on 911. U get plane jacked with the box cutter-Bonus
Ain’t hard to clap. Strap under his chin like a birthday party hat-BONUS
Niggas say I double dribble cause I always travel when I Carry the rock-Bonus
It’s like Mariokart when I run into a star the whole whip getting lit up-Bonus
Dead man. U get lift up when the barrel under ur head like a keg stand -Bonus
People saying Nunn Nunn 2-1
Mike P vs Tink Da Demon

https://www.instagram.com/p/BCoV1Y6M…attlerapdotcom -Vid before the battle
————————-ROUND 1————————–
No play material, think Ray Mysterio, get put in a torture rack -TINK
Real life. No cotton picking I seen cotton flipping if u living the pill life-Tink
As far as your mother, it’s her time, warn her/Time Warner it’s cinemax-Tink
Two clips hold 20 and 12 and they end shit like a Mayan calendar-Tink
Each round get written in pitch black like Riddick back… Ima need you to picture the body with no skin attached -Tink
Cock the four before u bang urs strange porn the way ur mother head off the wall-TINK
All my animals extra stone and they off the wall like we hieroglyphic’in-Tink
Basic. Well I whip white and push tan does that make me a racist. Make my Asian sneak her does that make me an Asic-Tink
Where I’m from, being open minded will leave a hole in your Caesar -Tink
Tink won’t even be able to think when I blow the H out him -Mike
It’s mapped out. Given u AV would be a bold plot. And the pressures on u k? So don’t flop-Mike
Violence I’m going to bar to bar to bar I’m uber driving-Mike
You need a 30 in your life OTHER than White Castle -mike
To hell you ain’t a bitch, Mama told me if you see a demon it’s just the devil playing tricks -Mike
I twist heads and take everything in Demon Possession-Mike
Just cause we look like Rob and Big don’t mean I’m lettin dog skate in the crib -Mike
You ain’t dropped in 11 months… That’s a fact….its funny you ain’t been on Smack in almost a year and it’s the white that got you back on track-Mike
————————ROUND 2———————–
Get your head iced, I’m feelin like a werewolf with this half moon -Tink
Whatever makes the first sound get gets replaced with the A and pushed to the back like pig Latin -Tink
When I was born… The doctors said my umbilical cord had a dead rose attached-Tink
I’ll make your bitch scream til she got hoarse then give her wings like Pegasus -TINK
I’m a umpire the moment I use your back as a back catcher for gun fire -Tink
Whoever say son fire…..Let them get to know each other from the trunk of a sunfire-Tink
the lead burst. U get a premonition of Fred Durst. Gettin beat with the limp bizkit-Tink
He gon catch it like Mike Piazza with your dumb ass. Slavery voice: Mike P, I’s-uh wiggin on your dumb ass -Tink
When this j hit you from 400 blocks May god bless you-Tink to suge
Body p. Any real killa know when u kill somethin u see the muscles relax. Then the body pee-TInk
You knew not to bring that weak shit, I encouraged those words…isn’t that Devils Advocate-mike
I don’t fear no man… Unless someone tell me Ave coming. I’m not pocket checking a man that has nothing -mike
Level that deuce deuce a tutu I was dancing with the devil-Mike
Bars have you up against the wall…like a pool stick-Mike
Get some some new shit bars have u up against the wall like a pill stick. Haddooken. On that Rui shit-Mike
U can. Catch a blue flame from a shrikyuken-Mike
Have your chick half naked with her Timbs still on….that’s Head Ice’s friend-Mike
All this chemical nuclear atom bullshit and you still don’t have substance -mike
The generic flow you bustin? Robotussin, you could apply that shit to anything – Mike
————————-ROUND 3———————
Stacy augmon, I play with the hawk but I’m the plastic man -tink
Your fans be applying that Stan pressure, love a fake gangster busting guns with hand gestures -tink
Hand. gesture my automatic made in manChester u gettin tune w ur ancestors-Tink
Two to the head will make him meditate, body fall victim to gravity when you levitate-Tink
i wanted steams for 3 rounds so I could ice him like a wedding cake-Tink
Soon as you reach for a pair a fo nail ya, but I ain’t got no drugs on me -Tink
Mad at. I just came here tonight for a pure body like where jaz the rapper at-tink
You almost overdosed. You was one Percocet away from meeting the Holy Ghost -Tink
I’m expecting em to hate. They all think they animals til they see an extra terrestrial in the face -TINK
Knives stuck in your kidney lookin like a bagpipe -mike
Soon as the coin flipped… You should a known what playing with Harvey get you-Mike
A plate of shells, AOL, buddy in for a BOX-Mike
A blade thru his ribcage, I got a vent for that-Mike
Melt his skin till he a full body leather jacket-Mike
When they said you would win I was pissed fam. Like when your bike fall and you had JUST put it up with the kickstand -Mike
Maybe most white guys just aren’t good enough to be here -Mike
Soon as we peel out you get manhandled, then we’re back at it again with the white van, DAMN DANIEL! -Mike
People saying debatable classic!
DOT vs Young X

—————————–ROUND 1————————
To beat a reach God you gotta be a reach atheist -X
Imagine me not winning. I’d fuck DNA up, and that name for THREE dots in it -X
He start shaking like I shot him in Harlem-X
Smack ain’t pay me, these three rounds are community service -X
That eagle got a long neck, you’ll think it had sex with a ostrich nigga-X
Only these New Yorkers lovin ya, so you not a reach God, more like a reach governor -X
I just got the crowd in here. Now DONT have sex indoors… Fuck outta here! -X
The clip will show EVERYTHING, y’all now watching an uncut movie -Dot
Me getting smoked by Ger man? Jew wish! -DOt
With my dots. Scope on it. I’ll show u the real king of the dot -Dot
———————–ROUND 2————————
When I’m done scheming on DOT, they gon call me KOTD, King of the dot -X
You talk it I live it lil nigga. Turn his noodle to noodle soup now let’s GET IT lil nigga -x
My hands like a container of spam. That means I can box-X
When it’s beef, I’m on top of the beef…like a condiment-X
Tell me I’m a god damn lie. There’s gon be a black dot around DOT God damn eye -X
Look at Dot Face…Acne nigga-x
I’ll fuck your bitch from the back with my jewelry on, that’s putting icing on a Honey Bun -X
What if there were no sidewalks? Just concrete, yeah I’m THAT street -Dot
If I gave you some coke to move, you’d probably X periment with it -Dot
I’m a turn x to a sample for example. -dot
Explain. I’ll show u how to grind and do more flips with the snow turn snack into the x games -Dot
You think X savin ya? I’ll put X in a wheelchair, he Xavier -Dot
Clips full of bald hell they got xcels in it-Dot
Extension Cord…that means the plug gave me a clip that Extends-dot
Crack stashed in my ass crack give me that drug walk. Stash that shit my jaws. Gimme that drug talk-Dot
Dirty money, but im clean /Qleen wit it, I’m young/Yung and Ill with it-Dot
I’ve got more magazines in store than magazine stores -dot
—————————ROUND 3———————
GET EM is back. You I get a check on the first of the month cause I act crazy ass nigga -X
When i brush my teeth, that’s the only time I don’t reach” ass nigga-X
X did a Maury show and told Smack he wasnt the father…and him neither cause all his mother did was suck swallow
When I’m blazin chrome, filet mignon, what I mean is the beef is rare -x
You got a few punches in your writin nigga, but what’s one sonic boom to M Bison nigga?-X
You died to a nigga (uno) that’s not from this country -Dot
Catch in a V, give his 8 3 in Roman numerals-Dot
Dot the Messiah cause no one went thru a backlash like I went thru-Dot
I been sleepin with a big ass ratchet… Cause it’s tax season -dot
Treat him like Jadakiss…walk to his casket and give his Top 5-dot
this time it’s Chun Lee, all I kick is fire -Dot
People saying x 2-1 or 3-0
Ave vs Rum Nitty

————————–ROUND 1———————
Rookie. I feel like trey in the crib cuz punching with tiers finally got me this pussy. -Ave
Being drugged was your plot, he begged to be on smack now he fiending for Roc -Ave
So If I am legend…watch how I wash dog while I talk to him-ave
Just cuz the poet marked u a genius don’t mean u on point son cuz Kevin marked u a genius -Ave
Your heart not strong enough to run that base, you John Q son -Ave
Put that Drumstick to his thigh. Make him Come off that chicken or lose a leg quarter-ave
Gun butt with the mean grip. The serial smack his face like he riding with queenzflip-ave
If you got RAGE to come AFTER AVE, just dont be Average-Ave
Im drinking on the Henny. They don’t wanna be the one sent to face the right, that’s Lincoln on the penny. -Ave
Point it on the back of his head… That’s alfalfa -ave
1 shot will finish this 4th quarter in AZ, im with the bull shit-Ave
Offed a nigga cap like Cake Life Prezzy-Ave
Truly swing. Put a clear round in this pussy. My shooters nuva ring -Ave
When I’m smokin the 4th quarter, that only mean he down one zip -Ave
I dropped a tier to give you this shot, I’m Nino on the roof -Rum
Punch crazy. But the set up get caught later like jimmy henchmen-rum
Family fucked. Head shot ur moms sister. They gon have to m.o.p ur auntie up -Rum
I’ll slide through with two socks on the Tom… That’s Risky Business. Pull it out and run it back through your head like reminiscin – Rum
That was fire coming from the background like Whitty hypin let a dummy go off the top like 50 Tyson-Rum
Nickel (Nick’ll) be sent through the door… Heeeeres Johnny!-Rum
I’ll make that shit go BLOCKA nigga, like he Facebook stalking -Rum
Cut the check and he’s who I’m gon air out next like a treychiotomy-Rum
I’ll have Roc laid on Ave, shit look like cobblestone -rum
Chin broken. Left right. Right left. U get clocked back and forth like hypnosis-Rum
—————————-ROUND 2——————–
Soon as I see him I’ll leave him there. Soon as a eyeball a Quarter… I don’t need a scale! -Ave
The Internet lovin this fuckin clown. You think you pop? Well try to be digital underground -Ave
Mean run or I could pump Kin and light up the face like Halloween night -ave
This shit will be even uglier when the locks get cut, that’s O-Red -Ave
Put 25 in the 4th qtr like Reggie in the Garden-Ave
I’ll kill a man. Dome shot, head hit his shoulder like the thriller dance – ave
Two grips ripping his shirt, he Hogan in the ring-Ave
Where you from you should be used to being under a big K -Rum

Crazy how I’ma des-Troy Ave, but I LOVE Brooklyn -Rum
If he owe bread then what he face even uglier if locks get cut that’s orec-rum
Matics popping. And I’m Robbin. Trying to get rid of ur house in Virginia like magic Johnson-Rum
Pistol whipped with the Mack I’ll big pun a bitch so if this guy goes upside ur head its capital punishment-Rum
Ima leave 40 bitches smokin on ya roof like Set It Off -Rum
Done early the de take offside like he jumped early-Rum
Sideways, I’ma peel out a round on Ave like I’m Tokyo drifting -Rum
That first pop warn a/warner nigga about the Youngins in the field-Rum
This ur own bag. Joey jihad shot. U gotta take these punches on ur own Ave-Rum
I’ll make a nice nigga hang it up,….that means I’ll rope a dope nigga-Rum
A headshot will have him blank it/blanket out like Michael Jackson-Rum
I’ll black and let it fly in his face like Feed the Children -Rum
Say something crazy I’ma swing. 2k free throw, soon as he get to the line we can get it SHAKING on the screen -Rum
—————————ROUND 3———————-
30 right under the 40, that’s an improper fraction -Ave
Killers cuz ur need to be more than sharp for Tay U know that rock break scissors -Ave
I been about the action. 30 under the 40 that’s an improper fraction -Ave
My flow skill only prove that he road kill… Gun line King? I’ll put a tip to that title/tidal like a Hov deal -Ave
Wanna take a thugs gamble? Im fat and strapped on both sides, I love handles! – Ave
Put ur state on the map or just chill till that ar on a nigga back for real. (Probably meant as there ) -ave
Basically you get to eat off my floor, I’m Victor Sweet-Ave
I’m in your cotton pickin yard holding my Uncle Tom, come out the House Nigga -Ave
Them shots will get fatal. We ain’t done, spin the block like a dreidel – Ave
Life ain’t make you 6 feet… But death can.-Ave
When you shot and end up in a Heavy Bag, thank Kevin for that -Ave
We still owe y’all one for Hoffa! – Ave
You sex on cable, you fake FUCK -AVE
Givin him the steel in the chest really takes the cake -Rum
Label mates. I’m nice even when I fuck up its a dope era like 88-Rum
30 out the thing saga vs chilla trying to make his back slide with a dirty magazine-Rum
I’ll put a 9 in his face like I’m nunn nunn-Rum
I used to keep a Nina cause I had to. On long nights, coors light, when shit got cold the can blew-Rum
Y’all thought I was gonna come up to the ave and get ran off. I’m not safari-Rum
This shit can get real Ms Gracie in a min, nah not weight, wait, I mean 2 arms over the meal. That’s what I’m saying Grace-Rum
I’m put assault on Ave like the street is icy -rum
Mid battle a 40 clap, shit will stop Ave dead in a round like a cul de sac-Rum
Fact is, I didn’t earn my respect… I snatched it -Rum
The 5 get whipped from the belt, I’m Joe Jackson-Rum
I brought my dog pound and let it kick in the building… Just like Snoop did -Rum
I’m dropping every nigga out the batcave…but first it started on the Ave like the old Smack Days-Rum
People saying debatable beyond CLASSIC
Cortez vs Chilla Jones
—————————-ROUND 1————————-
Why wait til round 3? Ima talk to you in round 1 -COR
Then Hitman offered MORE bread, so smack said “oh I know I’ll give him Cortez” -Cor
KOTD gave you Math, Day, Con, and that can’t save you, what makes you think Smack gon break you? -COr
Kamakaze. Ur soldiers take flight cuz these been dying to land-COR
If the fat lady singin she’ll get shot on the opera San Andreas movie cover. Rock in the chopper-Cor
This a man that’s gone ape. Fuck what Darwin thought-cor
I’ll spaz with clips. Ask Yeezy, the K put holes in your clothes, these fashion tips -Cor
Dumpin Think. Verse over. Sperm donor. I came and got a check for nuttin-cor
Russell Wilson, I’ll provide for the Future son.-Cor
Imma beat him till the all white show like I’m watching the Oscars-COR
I let her get a closer look at Cort with out binoculars and out corts words on paper. I’m a stenographer-chilla
I’m a frequent flyer, I stay tripping-chilla
I got punches for the staff, like Blake Griffin-Chilla
How u was stumbling in London NY would a got to booin on cor. He was stumlbin in the uk both nights like Rubin on tour-Chilla
Then I’m hitting sis and law like ur brother on his wedding night-Chilla
Suge would get most improved how he torching shit, Top would get rookie of the year, Cortez would get MVP for Most Vauited Performances-Chilla
————————–ROUND 2———————
Now you gassed thinking you and I close? He made you just before HE died, that’s a suicide note -cor
These punches? All Tyson, he can’t read a right like Floyd typin -cor
U don’t belong in prison so I’m doing this free of charge because behind these bars u lack conviction-Cor
Think Isis one slice will Benzino his neck-Cor
No forgery when you see Cor X’ing his name-cor
Ronda Rousey, you met defeat and took it on the chin-cor
It’s like Marilyn Monroe in a way, they hate how you address blowin up from wins over the greats -chilla
You disrespected Charlie’s couch worse than Rick James -chilla
if you was a bird, you’d be a vault-ure -chilla
I’m a judge, in all black bangin hammers to bring an end to Cort -chilla
———————-ROUND 3———————
The heat wave and I ice caps, this is global warming -cor
I’m past your flow, think Martin show, every time we see Jerome he gettin suited for cheap -cor
Y’all know I’m a cold writer, maybe NOW you’ll give me my credit like a co-writer -cor
i was gonna pay someone to kill you but I switched plans. guess that’s twice I’ve backed out on a Hitman -chilla
This survival of the fittest, evolution instead of ever losin-chilla
After what I did to prep they asking will he rap again? I schooled him and gave him the business like Billy Madison -chilla
You just a knockoff Goodz, that’s the type of shit that Flea markets -chilla
Debatable battle
Ty Law vs Cyssero

—————————-ROUND 1—————-
I feel like @QueenzFlip son. God damn it pops loud -ty
I’ll give cys da matic like the same routine-ty
He choke from a couple oohs press like arsonal driving to work. Bus a move-ty law
Ur pen game like trying to touch rogue off xmen. Filler is hurting u-ty
Tell @billcollectorMH collector rep where ur from cuz. Norristown ain’t the city. Ur in the outskirts like young thug -ty
I’ll laugh then watch. Swizz label, we gon watch that nigga Cass get (casket) dropped -ty
You ain’t poppin no gun. This gonna be a nasty site, tell @Th3Saga don’t run -ty
Side of his rental, Comedy Central, I’ll wait for him to pull his key and PEEL -ty
Cracker/crack her with more power than whites in this country-ty
They ashamed a Reed like your slow son-ty
I’m Eastbay , I just send a shoe to/shooter your address-ty
I’m stacking bodies in the drawers of the morgue, I’ll pull it and let it ring on you. I’m ignoring your call! -cys
Soft. U tall niggga with bitch tendency u Chris bosh-cys
When the chrome spit u see ur soul lift and u see ur own body. Say bye to urself-cys
Don’t body yaself, headshot, have ya soul say bye to yaself-cys
—————————ROUND 2———————-
This era could make u look different like when rappers fuck that badu bitch- ty
Against Cor he wasn’t hitting like a virgin Topenga -ty
Spittin. Remember when the cavs traded Andrew. We getting love got Wiggin-ty
We don’t remember none of your lines…and neither did you-Ty
Who choke more? Born from the X or Cys? That ain’t nothin but the devil – ty
Dicaprio in the revenant how that barrel (bear’ll) smack you -ty
You claiming you want war til I go postal, and bring it to his front door! -cys
Packing mean. I want this cat to jump. I got something big that will catch his body that’s a trampoline-cys
ift a Black Pound in the Air like Black Power-cys
—————————ROUND 3———————
Who killed him more? Cort or (court of) Law? You be the judge – ty
Shoot off his lobe and have his ears bleeding like listening to @MolotovMyers diss -ty
You seen me flow lately. Doug Funny, I hear the beats and go CRAZY -ty
Nuborn want me send his soul to the sky what’s that old colts running back? Joseph or die-ty
imma give Cys the Axe/sister acts like Whoopi Did-ty
Cheek (Jersey) falling off like a real deep buck 50-ty
Talk gangster, I’ll pop holes in his top like a salt shaker -cys
Y’all should see the porn shit his boo on. I come in her mouth so much she could hawk spit a newborn -cys
I’ll pop the nina. You get hit so many times when you check for wounds look like doing the Macarena -cys
It’s hard to follow niggas on Twitter I’m such a leader-cys
I brought smoke if you get high. with more 7s and 8s than junior high – Cys
Debatable battle
Chess vs Reed Dollaz

—————————-ROUND 1————————–
You know what this 40 hold. I’ll drag your bitch was from white plains to Fordham road -reed
Knock the Gigs out your brain. Leave the streets full of data-reed
Y’all never felt some shit with sharp teeth. Discovery channel, come to my block, it’s shark week!-reed
Talkin wild beef, you canal street, won’t sell ME that shit! -reed
Shoot a fireball like Goku… You don’t know the shooter but the shooter know YOU-reed
Cause grief momma kissing ur corpse on them hard cheeks-reed
Karma I been had a fridge full fo rappers like Jeffrey dahmer-reed
I finally got somebody I gotta body. Straight out the gate, like God denied me – chess
Don’t even try to try me, get beat for them storytelling raps, Ladi Dadi -chess
One got a beam, one got a scope. Two different views, like fans debating – chess
I could stop Reed to give a quick right, that’s annotations -chess
Y’all ain’t stars, ya man is famous. Well not now, but in 2000… BC ya man was blazin!-chess
Hope you ain’t smiling when I have to pop. The gun funny, it’s a laughing stock-chess
Cock the desk his brains look like hot spaghetti. Muah the pastas ready-chess
This bastard’s top wide open but I’m the one who had the shot.-chess
Get picked from the 30 like the last draft spot-chess
Gun in his mouth, let him eat the burner like goin down on a bitch with an STD -chess
Let me guess. It’s in the car scrap? Smack, we can take this battle to wherever he parked at! -chess
I went straight to the hammer cause WE DONT DO PAWS! -chess
—————————ROUND 2———————–
Yeah we both throwing up punches… But I land mine-reed
I’m a big dog, you a pocket poodle. Heard you was the plug lil nigga… I’ll socket to you! -reed
Rap gods we the juggernauts. Gun but you give your jug a knot-reed
Chain smokin, his Top Open, that’s how i blow off steams-reed
Let me light a doobie. Wes craven when I’m waving the Wesson. Don’t make me write a movie! -reed
Faggot ass niggas running around screaming cakes up-reed
Frosty the Snowman, watch a cold, 3 round body come to life – chess
Fuck ur click I’ll chop ur legs off for telling me who u running with- chess
Spend dollaz on dollaz. I’ll put a check up on him like a worried friend-chess
The church nigga saga make me wanna sin. He wanna be closer to God. Bow. Lucky him.-chess
Females working on the muffin top, I dip low before I tuck it in-chess
@CakeLyfe_CHESS going at @chillajones “let’s do it right now. fuck the prep; we both beat him
————————–ROUND 3——————
Lyin about shootin the 8. Checked his record and the only charge was a truancy case -reed
Niggas is hungry…can’t bar em in cause theyd eat thru the gate-reed
Rambo shit under God k over the shoulder. 40 in my bitch wonder bra-reed
Reed kinda called time on himself in the third.
39 with a birthday coming, the 40 near. It’s like my girl sad, I’m wiping away all the tiers -chess
you bout it bout it? Nigga kill that. Play fighting, you ain’t real scrap -chess
One ratchet bus, cause the only bitch that got away was Stoney-chess
Ghetto nigga side shot, look like a nigga having trouble opening up the car door-chess
I still clap. When that nigga dead I still clap so the spirit leaving his body will feel that.-chess
People saying chess 2-1 but its debatable