Top 5 Golfing Destinations in Asia

You get a lot of mixed feelings when you watch a game of golf on TV. At first, you think it looks pretty easy, yet it intrigues and captivates you. So, you go try out a game of golf yourself, only to find out it is much more difficult than it looks on TV. Then it becomes your favorite activity, and getting better becomes a priority. Fortunately, with enough time and practice, you can, and the sport becomes much more enjoyable. It is all about finding the right courses to play, because golf is as good as where you’re playing.

If you happen to be in Asia and looking for a nice course, read on. These are the top 5 golfing destinations in Asia.

1. Bali National Golf Club

The views could not get any better than this one. You get to enjoy the wonderful nature and serene vibes of Indonesia’s Bali while indulging in your passion for golf. This club offers majestic golf courses with lush greenery and everything you might want out of a golf course. They even provide caddies if you need them. It is expertly trimmed so you will not have any trouble making your shots or walking to the different holes, and it always looks to be in great shape. There is even a lake that adds to the ambient vibe of the place, but it definitely makes some of your shots trickier. All in all, the Bali National Golf Club offers an excellent golfing experience topped off by some breathtaking scenery. It is an 18-hole course, too, so expect the games to be long and exciting.

2. Laguna Phuket Golf Club

This one is in Thailand, and it is one of the top golfing destinations in Asia for good reason. This 18-hole golf course is within the luxurious Laguna Phuket Resort complex, and it offers quite the delightful experience that any golf fan would enjoy. As explained on, you need to be well prepared before you go play in this or any other course. That means getting the right gear before you travel, understanding what adjustments you want to make to your game when trying out a new course, and just nailing your swing. The Laguna Phuket Golf Club was renovated a few years ago, and it does look the part with its fresh coating and excellent fairways. The courses offer a challenging yet quite entertaining experience to all golf aficionados.

3. Banyan Golf Club

The Banyan Golf Club is located in the unique Banyan Resorts, and it is one of the most famous golf courses in Asia and even around the world. This golf course has even seen a lot of the sport’s champions and other professionals play there, but it is also perfect for beginners or amateurs. The 18-hole golf course uses par-72, and it offers a memorable and challenging experience that caters to different levels and skill sets. The course is complemented by some excellent scenery courtesy of the resort’s majestic landscape that offers a great setting for a nice game of golf.

4. Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa

While Bangkok has its fair share of golf courses, the Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Golf Resort and Spa is in a league of its own. This 18-hole Nick Faldo course comes with 223 rooms overlooking the greenery, and it is perfect for golfers of all levels. The resort itself is as luxurious as they get, and if you happen to be staying there, remember to pack your golf gear because you will not be able to resist the lush greenery and vast fairways.

5. Daemyung Resort Sono Felice

This South Korean resort has a breathtaking view and some of the most luxurious and well-designed rooms you can find in the country, and all of Asia for that matter. The golf course has a scenic landscape with green mountains surrounding you from all angles. The whole place is quite picturesque, and it offers one of the best golfing experiences you could ever have, and it is definitely worth making the trip down there.

Asia has been blessed with some stunning scenery and iconic landscapes, and most of these golf courses are built in such locations. When you are golfing in Asia, you are not just enjoying your regular game of golf, but you are also experiencing fresh air and enjoying the majestic scenery that you would not find elsewhere. For golf fans all over the world, a trip to Asia must entail a visit to some of these courses; you will not regret it.