Tips to Make Your Home Office More Relaxing

With the many changes we’ve seen in business and education lately, many people have been working from home. To do so effectively, home offices have become the new workspace, but many people struggle with focus and concentration due to its location in the home. There are a few tips you might want to take into consideration surrounding ways to help you be more efficient and relax into your work space you can get more done in an effective manner.

Benefits of a Home Office

Even if you are struggling with productivity in a home office, let’s first take a closer look at why this can be such a benefit in the long run.

First off, you can kiss that commute goodbye. No more frustrating traffic and spilled coffee. Instead, you can roll out of bed, ready yourself for work, make yourself comfortable in casual work clothes, and enjoy your coffee, hot, while you sit down to work without workplace interruptions and attempts at social niceties. Even if you have children you can rise before they do to get started and focused.

Working at home also allows you to customize your workspace and make everything precisely where you need it. You also can take a break from the room and carry your electronics into a more comfortable area if you need to.

If you have children, although they can be distracting, you are more present and involved with them when you work from home. Set some rules and regulations for them to follow to keep everyone happy.

Working from home generally maximizes your paycheck as well. No more quick bites to eat while on the run, you save money on transportation, and generally are less likely to spend money unthinking. You also can more easily stay in shape and take advantage of time saved for a workout instead.

Tips for a More Relaxing, Efficient Work Space

When you first start working from home it may seem a bit distracting overall. After all, you may be thinking more along the lines of what household needs you have rather than being focused on work, but these tips can make your home office, and work day, much more relaxing and less stressful.

Have Set Work Hours

No area is going to be relaxing if you are in constant worry about your time management. Set work hours as if you were heading into an office and take advantage of quiet time before any children rise and need attention. This way you can ease into your work day and get pressing correspondence out of the way before focusing on a new task.

This also includes scheduling breaks and meals. Be sure to walk away from your work to relax, stretch, and take some time to yourself to avoid feeling overworked in your own home.

Introduce Soothing Components

Soothing lighting, essential oil diffusers, soft music, and even an aquarium are all ways to add a stress-relieving component. Fish tanks are a great way to provide lighting, soft movement, and even sound to your space. If you are concerned about the upkeep, look for low maintenance options, such as keeping fish that help get rid of algae, and strong filter systems for waste.

Keep Your Work Area Simple and Uncluttered

Don’t clutter up your work area and be sure to have shelves and/or drawers to provide an uncluttered, organized area.  Even if your space is small, keep it specific to your work and don’t welcome other components, such as screens not related to work, or other distractions.

Set Household Rules for Family Members

It is easy to become distracted by your family members when working from home. Make it clear that you are working, and your time should be treated as if you were in an office. If you are juggling child care and work, think about the things that help focus your children, so you can complete uninterrupted scheduled tasks. Children old enough to read can be provided a schedule that you post so they know when it is more appropriate to interrupt.

Dress Comfortably

Since you aren’t going into an office, you don’t have to be as professional looking as if you were expecting a meeting at any moment. Dress in a casual professional manner for online meetings and provide yourself the feeling of being at work without the discomfort. Polo shirts, blouses, and button downs are all appropriate and comfortable, and look great with shorts, leggings, and jeans.

Invest in a Comfortable Chair

Finally, invest in a comfortable chair. Nobody wants to sit in a manner that has them straining to reach their computer, looking up constantly, or making their back, hips, or legs hurt. If you have an office chair that works for you already, try to find a duplicate. Otherwise, do some research and find something that is perfect for you.