Tips on Hiring a Good Personal Injury Lawyer Online

Only a few places can give you as many options when looking for a product or a service. Maybe some years ago, the last place you would have considered looking for a lawyer was on a computer, but fast forward to 2020 and anything you can do in person can be done online.

The very fact that you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer signals that you’re going through some legal issues, which isn’t something you want to rush through. Simply looking up some names of law firms or clicking on the first ad you see isn’t the way to go about it. If you go about it like that, you will never have all the information needed to make an informed decision. If you’re already in a legal bind, choosing the wrong lawyer will turn your problem into an even bigger issue. 

To avoid further complications, let us help you pick a personal injury lawyer with these tips.

Area of Expertise

With regard to your medical needs, it doesn’t make sense to go to an orthopedist when you need a dermatologist. The same is true of lawyers who specialize in different areas of law. For instance, a divorce or custody battle needs a family lawyer, while vehicle or workplace accidents require a personal injury lawyer. You want a lawyer that is well-versed in your type of case. There are also differences in areas of expertise within the same field. The South Carolina lawyers at clarify that not all vehicle accidents are the same. A trucking accident differs from a car crash, not just because of the sheer weight of a truck compared to a car, but because the laws differ for trucking accidents than they do for car crashes. Also, such accidents differ from work-related accidents. The type of auto accident is particularly important if your case entails compensation. A lawyer who specializes in cases similar to yours will help get you the compensation you deserve.

Visit Their Website

If there is no website, to begin with, that’s a red flag. Reputable lawyers have a good, professional website. The website should provide all contact information, their office location, what kinds of cases they take, previous experience and relevant background information, blog articles, and any other information that is helpful. The content of the site should also reflect the area of expertise. 

Keep in mind that just because a lawyer’s name comes up on the first page of the search engine, doesn’t mean they’re good lawyers. It could just mean they have good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices and well-written content. Remember that not all lawyers have a website; they might only be listed in a directory. But that isn’t enough and a listing will never provide you with anything other than some basic contact information.

Background Check

To do a background check, start by reading testimonials and client reviews. You can take this a few steps further by reading peer reviews that are usually available online as well. This will give you a better idea of the lawyer’s ethical behavior and more details about them that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. There are also several online tools that you can utilize that are specifically designed for running background checks on people. Many employers use these stools on potential candidates before employing them, and you can do the same.

Outside Ratings

You can find sites that rate lawyers that are independent and have no relation to any specific lawyer or firm. It wouldn’t be unheard of that some lawyers might pay to get a high rating, but assuming all the other factors mentioned above check out, then the rank they’ve been given is probably fair and honest, not a paid-for one. There are several unreliable attorney-rating sources out there, so you want to go with one that is reputable.

Use Your Free Consultation Wisely


Most lawyers will give you a free, first consultation. Besides giving the lawyer a brief about your potential case, this is the time to interview the lawyer. You should know more about their track record when it comes to your particular type of case, and perhaps what organizations they belong to. These free consultations are not typically set up to get difficult or deep legal questions answered; they’re meant to inform you of the general way the lawyer will approach your legal issue to help you decide if this is a lawyer you can work with or not.

When it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer online, the challenge isn’t finding a good lawyer. There are plenty of good lawyers online. The challenge is finding a very good or excellent one that can offer you the best legal representation possible. This is when you’ll have to dig deeper and be more aware of the key qualities to look for.