The Volume Isn’t The Only Thing That’ll Get High. Here’s The Best Music To Listen To While High

Most of us like a good bop, but being high can add just a little bit of something extra for you. It can help not only enhance the music you’re listening to, but a lot of people love to get high while listening to music to help them relax.

While the best music to listen to while high is subjective and based on the type of tunes you like, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best musical genres to smoke out to.


Benefits of Listening to Music

Before we begin, let’s get into some of the reasons why listening to music is so good for you. And coupled with getting high, it can be a recipe to help you relax and wind down after a long day.

Listening to music can help lower your cortisol level. If you weren’t aware, cortisol is the hormone linked to stress. This means it instantly helps you relax and starts to promote positive vibes.

Music, especially of the classical variety, can also help you sleep better and reduce the risk of depression. Soft and soothing music can also help reduce chronic pain and help you stay calm, especially after a major event.

If you’re thinking of using music as a way to enhance your pot experience thanks to some of the new rules in place to make it legal (more info here), then you’ve got the right idea.

Classical Music

After touting the mental benefits to classical music, we weren’t going to not put it on our list. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, classical music is proven to help reduce stress levels. In fact, studies have shown that listening to it after surgery can help the patient stay relaxed and calm.

Classical music is also great to listen to before you’re drifting off to sleep. It can help clear the mind, making way for restfulness.

If you’re smoking put for relaxation, classical music is probably one of the best ways to get relaxed and stay there. Smoking combined with classical music may also help with your sleep habits, especially if you’re having trouble getting to sleep.

“Relaxation Music”

Relaxation music may not officially be a genre, but it may as well be. If you’ve ever been to a spa or done a guided meditation, you’ve probably noticed soft music with flutes or harps sprinkled through the backdrop.

Music like this isn’t exactly classical, but with no lyrics, it can help you focus on the melody and keep your mind at ease.

Some relaxing music may have lyrics, and you might be familiar with Enya and her famous “Sail Away” song. While lyrics might engage your mind a little bit, her simple songs will keep you in the right relaxed headspace.

Psychedelic Music

Psychedelic music saw its heyday during the 1960s and 1970s, and it was literally music you listen to while high. Or, it was music that came out of someone’s really creative trip.

This type of music was originally created as a companion to taking psychedelic drugs like mushrooms and LSD. These drugs can make you experience both auditory and visual hallucinations, and the music is meant to enhance, or be a result, of that.

While getting high on weed may not be as intense as doing a psychedelic drug, you can still enjoy the music and the effects on your brain as you breath in marijuana.

Acoustic Guitar

Do you have a favorite artist or band that does an unplugged set? If so, when you’re high might be the best time to explore the music.

Acoustic guitar music is almost always relaxing, and it helps you focus more on the lyrics and message of the song than the beat. This is a great way to relax and unwind, especially when you want to listen to something you love, but think that the beat might be a bit too aggressive for your mellow.

Hip Hop

So far, we’ve talked about the songs to listen to in order to help you relax. But what if you’re a huge fan of hip hop and find the genres we’ve listed so far to be pretty bland and boring? Does it mean you have to forego your favorite tunes?

Of course not! Hip hop can be a fantastic accompaniment to getting high, especially if it’s one of your favorite genres. And, not everyone gets high to relax. Some people may feel a variety of different symptoms and ways, from giggly to feeling as though their senses are just that much more heightened.

If you want to rock out with your friends, or just jam out in your bedroom while you’re high, put on your favorite hip hop album by your favorite artist and sing along.

When you’re high, you might lose some of your inhibitions, so don’t get embarrassed if that means that you’ll try to put on a one man (or woman!) performance of your favorite album.

The Best Music to Listen to While High

The best music to listen to while high is highly subjective, so it’s totally up to you what you’d rather listen to when you’re smoking. These are just some of our suggestions, though. Above all, we recommend you listen to what makes you the happiest.

For more music recommendations head to the music section of our website. You may just meet your new favorite artist.