The Vacation Before the Vacation: Visiting the Best Airports in the US

Delays, crowded waiting areas, and few options for food or drinks are not how anyone wants to start their vacation. Unfortunately, there are lots of terrible airports in the US which will give you just that.

Today we’re talking about the best airports though. The ones that are a downright delight to travel through (which is saying a lot, given how stressful air travel can be).

Here are five of the best airports in the US that you should try your hardest to visit.

Best Airports in the US: Five That Will Make Your Travel a Breeze

The best airports in the country share a few characteristics: they make strong showings in all categories rather than really excelling at one thing but being mediocre at others. They are easy to access, get around, have minimal flight delays, and have lots of amenities for your wait.

1. Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

Bozeman’s airport is the largest airport in Montana and has direct flights to fifteen different cities in the country. While not the booming airport of a big city, the rustic architecture and charm make this a favorite. Fireplaces, natural wood and stone accents, and artwork with landscapes of Montana adorn the airport.

Whether you’re on a ski vacation or headed to Yellowstone, take in a mountain view while enjoying an espresso and free WiFi in front of one of the many fireplaces in Bozeman’s airport.

2. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Both Southwest Airlines and American Airlines call Phonix’s Sky Harbor International Airport as one of their hubs. Recent renovations have added bars and restaurants featuring local food and international flights to cities like Frankfurt and London make it possible to fly directly to Europe from Phoenix.

3. Indianapolis International Airport

You might be surprised to see Indianapolis on this list, but they have delicious food options and international flights. If you’re heading to Paris, you can get a non-stop flight out of Indianapolis into Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Security is a breeze is set up in a way to move people through quickly and efficiently. A trip through Indy is sure to provide a relaxing pre-vacation experience.

4. Portland International Airport

Portland’s airport is amazingly easy to access. If you’re coming by car, bike, or light rail train, PDX is connected.

Once there, you can enjoy local Portland coffee, whiskey, and handmade wares. Shopping, free WiFi, and a movie theater that shows short films 24 hours a day for free make Portland one of America’s best airports.

5. Tampa International Airport

Tampa’s airport is conveniently located to downtown and the gorgeous views of Tampa Bay when you’re taking off and landing help too!

Enjoy local food and beer at the airport where you can breeze through security. Each terminal has its own security checkpoint and there’s rarely a wait. A brand new expansion of the parking garage and rental car center brought in high-speed trains from Japan to whisk you to the airport and back to your car when you return.

Where’ Your Next Travel Destination?

Keep this list of best airports in the US in mind the next time you book a trip! These airports are sure to help you arrive on your vacation relaxed and ready for adventure.

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