The Top 10 Benefits of Using Recreational Cannabis

Marijuana is one of the most controversial topics right now that some states are legalizing its medical and recreational use. Recreational marijuana can be used in several forms like being smoked, being mixed in foods and drinks or as hashish.

When most anti-drug activists think about recreational marijuana, they think that it’ll turn people into useless, unemployed psychopaths for the rest of their lives.

But is marijuana really that bad? Could there be any benefits associated with recreational cannabis? With the use of medical marijuana, scientists have had time to explore recreational marijuana as well and surprisingly, it has some amazing health benefits as well.

1. Recreational Marijuana Has an Ability to Increase Lung Function

Surprisingly, unlike smoking tobacco, smoking marijuana is not bad for your lungs. People who enjoy recreational marijuana get improved lung functionality. Researchers claim that marijuana may just have the ability to make the lungs more efficient.

2. Increase in Creativity

Most people who smoke weed tend to be more creative, at the very least in terms of verbal fluency. It could go way beyond that to art and other aspects of life so smoking weed could actually improve another part of life.

3. Athletes Using Recreational Marijuana Could Perform Better

Given that marijuana has medicinal uses, recreational marijuana tends to have some of those medicinal compounds and they help athletes perform a lot better. Recreational pot also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in injury recovery. This is one of the major reasons medical marijuana is taking the world by storm.

4. Cannabis May Have the Ability to Kill Cancer Cells

Cannabis has already been proven in labs to shrink cancer cells. Even though at this point there is not enough research to allow cancer patients to smoke or inhale recreational pot, there may be a possibility.

5. Smoking Weed Could Make You Slimmer

Or at the very least, decrease your chances of becoming obese. According to a study, regular pot smokers have a very low risk of getting obese and have lower body mass index scores, which is viewed as a sign of good health.

6. Recreational Pot is Safer Than Alcohol

According to a scientific report, marijuana is 114 times safer than alcohol. Actually, compared to heroin, ecstasy, crystal meth, tobacco, alcohol, and cocaine, marijuana may be the safest recreational drug in the market.

7. Marijuana Can Help Heroin Addicts Quit

Recreational usage of marijuana could benefit heroin addicts give it up. Research conducted at Columbia University found that heroin patients who used cannabis had better sleep, were less anxious, and had a higher chance of finishing their course. Dronabinol, one of the many compounds found in cannabis also helps with withdrawal systems.

8. Recreational Cannabis Treats Depression

THC, the active compound in recreational marijuana reduces negative bias in emotional processing. This means that weed can actually be used to treat depression and several psychiatric disorders. People who smoke weed on a regular basis are found to have lower levels of depressive symptoms and don’t need to go to a dispensary.

9. Weed Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

According to research, people who smoke weed have been found to have lower insulin levels and better insulin resistance. This means that recreational pot may have an ability to regulate blood sugar and lower the risk of diabetes.

10. Weed Can Help With Insomnia

Apart from the fact that recreational marijuana makes you unwind, but it could help you sleep better as well. Marijuana acts a lot better compared to other sleep-inducing medications. There is also a possibility that it reduces or eliminates nightmares.

Recreational Weed Is Also Beneficial to the Human Body

Even though most people feel ill of smoking weed, they may just be misinformed about it. There have been major discoveries when it comes to medical marijuana, and as you can see, recreational marijuana does come with its benefits as well. If you’d like to know more about recreational cannabis, check out our page or get in touch with us.