The Essential Winter Horse Riding Gear Checklist

If you’re an avid equestrian, you may have a wide selection of horse riding gear. Yet riding a horse means being prepared for all seasons and weather, including winter. This means having some winter horse riding gear.

But what types of gear should you invest in?

Keep reading to learn about the must-have winter gear you need.  

A Water-Resistant Wind-Proof Jacket

Everyone knows that riding a horse in the winter can be bitterly cold. That’s why you have your thermal shirt, a long-sleeve shirt, and a sweater. You’re all set, right? Nope.

You can manage the cold, but if you’re not prepared, the wind will ruin your otherwise picturesque ride. To prevent that, make sure you’re wearing a windproof jacket. It should also be waterproof to protect you against any falling snow.

Warm and Waterproof Riding Boots

It makes sense to wear a pair of warm winter boots. But why should they be waterproof? When you’re riding your horse, your feet aren’t touching the ground, right?

That’s true, but consider the time spent walking to your horse. Whether it’s across a parking lot or a field, you don’t want to start your ride with wet feet. Make sure your shoes fit in your stirrups, though.

Riding boots can also be stylish. Check out this guide to learn more about a stylish riding wardrobe

Weather-Resistant Gloves

You’ll need to keep your hands warm, while also still maintaining control over your horse. Try to find a pair of gloves that can do both.

Look for pairs that are thick enough to keep you warm but that don’t come at the cost of finger dexterity. You should still be able to pull on the reins if need be. Some gloves even come with pockets that let you slip hand warmer inside. 

Reflective Boots for Your Horse

Weather and light can be unpredictable in winter. In one moment it may be clear and bright, while the next may be stormy and dark.

To keep you and your horse safe, look into buying reflective boots for your horse. This will help other riders, people, and cars spot the two of you from a safe distance away. 

Winter Breeches

Some people try to get through riding in winter by wearing their usual breeches. Those people have clearly never worn a pair of winter breeches. 

A pair of warm, fleece-lined breeches will let you ride for hours without getting cold. You can also choose between many different colors and styles, letting you stay warm and comfortable while still looking your best.

The Winter Horse Riding Gear Checklist You Need

Riding your horse in winter is a completely different experience than riding it other times of the year. By making sure you have each of these winter horse riding gear items, you’ll stay safe, warm, and will be ready to have fun.

Do you have any other suggestions for the best winter horse riding gear? Check out some of our other blog posts for more guides and tips.