The Best Smiles In Hollywood: A List of Stars’ Pearly Whites That We Love the Most

Are you curious about who really has the best Hollywood smile?

The red carpet is always replete with gorgeous gowns, dapper suits, and striking figures.

But not everyone waltzes down that carpet with a flawless smile. There are plenty of great grins out there, but only a select few earn the dazzle status.

We’ve narrowed down our list of the best smiles in Hollywood. Read on to find out which celebrity pearly whites we love best!

1. Julia Roberts

Julia’s iconic pearly grin is well-known across multiple generations. What’s not to love about her classic smile?

Ms. Roberts has been flashing these pearly whites since she was a child. At 51, she still doesn’t fail to disappoint in this respect.

Looking for some more Julia Roberts in your life? We recommend a weekend watching “Eat Pray Love” or that heart-stopping classic “Notting Hill.”

2. Beyoncé

Most of us focus on Beyoncé’s powerful voice and stunning attire. But have you taken the time to look at her smile, lately?

Beyoncé’s grin is enough to dazzle any fans. Paired with those flowing lion locks, it’s an amazing complement to her musical capabilities. 

3. James Marsden

Male celebrities, as well as female celebrities, can boast some serious pearly whites. 

James Marsden is proof in point. The beloved Hairspray actor has a smile that enchants almost as much as his sparkling blue eyes.

Wanting a reminder of Mr. Marsden’s handsome pearly whites? Put “The Best of Me” or “The Notebook” in your Netflix queue.

4. Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs is often cited for his stellar red carpet style game. But let’s not forget about the smile that goes with that game.

Mr. Diggs’ grin is one of those that can truly light up a room. Perhaps it’s a testament to his amazing confidence, which he discusses in a recent interview with  Men’s Health.

Check out the movie rendition of the hit musical “Rent” for some true Taye Diggs in action. Or visit our post on confidence-boosting tips here.

5. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has been winning hearts on and off the screen with her dynamic, dazzling grin. 

Anne’s smile looks like the perfect product of a visit to a cosmetic dentist.

Her pearly whites have enabled her to deliver powerful performances across a range of roles, including her recent part of Fantine in the newest adaptation of Les Miserables.  

6. Gina Rodriguez

We all loved Gina in Jane the Virgin, which has brought home a hefty array of awards.

Gina is an incredible actress, but she also has one of the best smiles in Hollywood. Hers is a flawless white that also manages to warm the hearts of everyone around her.

Best Smiles in Hollywood

When it comes to celebrity grins, the candidates on this list top the charts. Be sure to be on the lookout for these gorgeous smiles during the next Golden Globes.

Now you know all about the best smiles in Hollywood. Want to look like one of the celebrities on this list? No problem.

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