The Best Dating Apps to Use for Actual Dating

There are over 4.4 billion internet users out there, and over 19% claim to use dating apps and dating websites. How many of those people do you think actually get dates? 

Seriously, are you tired of having rom-com upsets? You can find someone else who wants to be in a relationship, meet, and fall in love. 

You just need to know where to look. 

That’s what this list is for, to help you find a dating app that isn’t full of fake users, instead, these apps are full of people who want exactly what you want. A real quality date. 

Read on if you’re in search of the best dating app. 

1. Bumble and Female-First Dating Apps 

Bumble is trying something new with their dating app, encouraging women to be the first to message the guy. This mixes things up and makes it easier for men to participate without fear of being swiped away. 

Bumble also comes with a tool called Spotlight. For a small extra cost, this utility makes your profile one of the first to appear on user’s screens. In terms of boosting your profile, Bumble gives you “move makers” to spice up your profile description. These loglines range anywhere from clever to romantic, making your chances of getting a date go up. 

The Bumble relationship app comes with a timer too. This means if a man doesn’t respond within 24 hours to a message, the connection breaks off. I know, a time-limit sounds like the most stressful thing a dating app could offer, but the timer encourages people to actually respond, raising your chances of finding love. 

2. High There! 

High There! is a Facebook-linked dating app for 420-friendly people, supporting a judgment-free dating zone for people who want to have fun, and hopefully meet someone with similar tastes. 

The app is structured similar to Tinder, with basic matching options, and the ability to approve or reject a request. What makes High There! interesting is how shared interests are leveraged to make dating easier. If you’re using the app and you see someone who’s a fan of Sativa and guitar solos, bravo! If that’s your thing, you found a match. 

If you’re a laid-back person who likes to sit back with some Ananda Hemp oil, a good drink, and a drama-free person, High There! might be right for you.  

3. Tastebuds 

Tastebuds is a relationship app specifically for musicians. Though it might be a niche demographic, if you’re a musician looking for someone that’s a true music lover, this is the dating app for you. 

By the way, Tastebuds doesn’t just hook you up with a music-head, it helps you discover music on your path to finding a relationship. Tastebuds is fueled by a Spotify partner called, which allows you to listen to music while you find a potential mate. 

Tastebuds is structured like eHarmoney and Facebook. Your profile contains banners and is structured top down to include your photo, a brief bio, then some music related questions. Here’s an example, on Tastebuds you might run into this question: “recently I’ve been listening to”. 

4. OkCupid 

OkCupid has over 10 million users, which is no surprise, as OkCupid’s match asks deeply personal questions to make sure you and the person you’re matched with actually have a chance. 

Don’t want to repeat that extreme BMX pickup line? okCupid has a broad check-list of personal preferences. These questions comprise your compatibility score with other users. Questions include your kinks, pet peeves, and lifelong pursuits. This form of questionnaire makes it easier for you to outline who you are without overthinking the process of introducing yourself through some 

OkCupid offers relationship support for over 10 genders and is respected among the LGBTQ community as a dating service that responds to people of all orientations. If you’re of a non-traditional gender, OkCupid can suit its program to meet your needs. 

5. eHarmony 

Unsurprisingly, looks and shared interests influence dating the most, however, Eharmoney is a dating app that tries using both of these deeply human factors to find people their perfect match. 

eHarmony produces 4% of US marriages every year. Now, that’s a confident statistic, but how does eHarmoney work? eHarmoney is unlike most dating apps on our list, as it emphasizes creating an in-depth profile, one that gives your potential match better insight into who you are. 

eHarmony has multiple communication tools for its users, ranging from multiple choice intro-questions, to direct messaging. This proves useful, as not everyone wants to jump into the water right away when finding a potential partner. 

The app itself offers compatibility options, which appear as labels on user profiles. These labels give you a good idea of your areas of mutual interest. For instance, for the hip-hop fans out there looking for love, eHarmony offers gauges for your compatibility based on overlapping tastes in an artist, and which scene both parties are likely to visit. 

Dating Apps Can Work 

Less than 10 years ago the idea of falling in love through an application was kept private, and many people felt embarrassed just by the idea. Now, dating apps are in the spotlight for people looking for love. 

We’re in a new era now. You don’t have to exhaust yourself going on speed dates or swipe until your thumbs turn into mush, you can find an app that matches your needs. 

It’s about time you laid back, had a drink, and watched one of your favorite movies with someone who’s really into you. So what are you waiting for? Don’t bother using dating apps that leave you alone, do some research, and discover what’s ahead of you.