The 5 Highest Paying Online Casinos You Should Check Out Now

Are you making the most of your bets? With statistics suggesting that online gambling is poised to approach $95 billion USD in just five years, its popularity is obvious.

But where you go to play has an effect on how much you can stand to earn. Not all sites are made equal, and sitting at the wrong virtual table can cost you a small fortune in lost winnings. 

Keep reading for the 5 highest paying online casinos.

The Criteria

There are a few factors that influence these ratings. The popularity of online gambling relies on its ability to match and exceed the real-life experience of going to the casino. These factors are:

  • Return to Player (RTP)
  • Quality of Games
  • Variety of Games
  • Ease of Accessing Funds
  • Bonus

The RTP is essentially how often all games payout to winners. This measures your likelihood of winning.

Being able to convert your funds to real currency is obviously a must. That’s the draw of playing real money slots UK.

Bonuses refer to the amount the casino is willing to match on your deposit. This helps entice you to join their platform while rewarding you with additional money to play.

All amounts are in US dollars.

1. Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino hosts 225+ high-quality games with a total RTP of 98.22%. That’s an incredible return to winners. Not only that, but they’ll match up to $5000 on an equal deposit.

They’re available on just about any device, though their app isn’t downloadable. Telephone support is available 24/7, and they’ll accept major credit cards and even bitcoin.

2. Lucky Red

Whether playing online or off, Lucky Red boasts 200+ games with an RTP of 98.21%. They also have an eye-popping 4000% bonus on your first $1000 deposit.

They accept most major online banking options and have 24-hour telephone and email support. There are also opportunities throughout the week for extra bonuses to top-up your wallet.

3. Drake Casino

The 300% matching bonus on your first $2000 deposit may seem lower than what the other casinos are offering. That is until you realize they offer it on your first 3 deposits! That’s up to $6000 in bonuses just for playing.

The real advantage Drake Casino has, though, is their 3D games. Though non-downloadable, they offer an immersive experience as good as the real thing. They also have an RTP of 98.14%

With more than 160 games and many different baking options, Drake Casino is one of the premier online gambling destinations.

4. CasinoMax

CasinoMax is a relatively new casino, but don’t let that worry you. They’re fully licensed and have been approved by the biggest industry bodies.

They’ll also match your first three deposits of $3000 at 300%! With a return of 98.17% on over 200 games, you’re sure to be a winner!

5. Old Havana Casino

Whether you want to play real-time games online or download games to your device, Old Havana has more than 230 games available.

A $2500 bonus on your first deposit will get you started off right. An RTP of 98% will keep you on a roll.

Accepting most online banking options, Old Havana is a great visit if you’re ready to try your hand.

The Highest Paying Online Casinos

Whether for fun or for profit, online gambling is here to stay. But don’t waste your time on sketchy sites with low payouts. The above list of highest paying online casinos will get you the returns you’re looking for.

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