Stoner Flicks: Your Guide to the Best Movies to Watch While High

When you’re stoned, you just want to chill and watch a flick, right?

There are many films that pique the interest of stoners and comedy fans alike. There’s nothing better than kicking back on the sofa with your favorite munchies in hand while watching a funny film. 

Many of the best movies to watch high are actually based around the adventures of stoners because of how funny they can be.

Before you hit that dab, continue reading to learn about some movies to watch while high.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is about a journey of two stoners, Dale Denton and Saul Silver, that have to escape a drug lord and a crooked cop because Dale witnessed a murder.

Saul has been selling one of the new CBD strains, Pineapple Express, and the strain is extremely rare. When Dale witnessed the murder, he accidentally dropped some of the strain on the street where his car was parked.

Because of that, it makes it easier to track down the two. This film is filled with action-packed comedy as Dale and Saul run for their lives while the drug lord and cop are on their tails.

Half Baked

Half Baked is a stoner film about four friends that live together; Kenny, Thurgood, Scarface, and Brian. The main plot is about the friends trying to raise money after their friend Kenny was placed in jail.

Kenny accidentally killed a police horse with junk food and his bail was set at 1 million dollars. This forced the group to come up with a way to raise this sort of cash. Luckily, Thurgood is a janitor at a medical laboratory that deals with weed.

They come up with the idea of having Thurgood steal marijuana from the lab so they can get the money to release Kenny.

There is a side-plot in the film about Thurgood becoming interested in a girl named Mary-Jane. The kicker is that she’s anti-drug, so Thurgood has to jump through hoops to make sure she doesn’t find out.

Up in Smoke

Two famous stoners, Cheech and Chong, find themselves deported to Mexico in one of the best movies to watch when high, Up in Smoke. 

From there, the two arrange with Cheech’s uncle to get a van to drive back to the United States. However, the two showed up at the wrong location for the van. They instead showed up at a shop that produces solids made out of weed.

They unknowingly get a van made completely out of marijuana to drive back into the United States. During the hilarious adventure, there are police pursuing the marijuana van but Cheech and Chong are oblivious to that.

Step Brothers

To jobless men, Brennen Huff and Dale Doback, are both almost 40 years old and still live with their parents. Brennen’s mom ends up marrying Dale’s dad, so the four move in together. That’s when things start taking a turn.

The two are incredibly awkward together at first, as though they were 8-year-olds. As time progresses, they get accustomed to one another after finding out that they enjoy similar things. 

After the two are forced to start seeking jobs, they come up with the idea of forming a musical duo to tour and earn money. The latter portion of the film consists of the two trying to make this plan work.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Ricky Bobby is the number 1 NASCAR driver in the world, and he’s very popular due to his mentality of winning at all costs. Ricky’s friend, Cal Naughton, Jr., ensures that he comes in second every race so as to not make Ricky look bad.

Amongst our list of movies to watch when high, Talladega Nights is excellent and takes viewers on a funny journey into the life of Ricky Bobby and Cal as they try to remain the top two racers and stop the Frenchman from topping them.


Superbad is a comedy film about some high school losers that are nearing graduation. Seth and Evan get invited to a party, which is unusual for them, and they to get their hands on some booze to make the party lit.

They’re also hoping that this makes them seem cool so they can win over the hearts of two girls that they’re interested in. As the story unravels, unexpected events prevent things from going completely as planned.

Super Troopers

A group of state troopers passes their time clowning around and not taking their duties seriously. This all changes when budgets start getting cut and pit them against the local police department, their rivals.

While the troopers are slowly trying to straighten up their act, they accidentally stumble across a dead body. They set out to solve the crime so they can keep their jobs and outperform the local police department.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

One of the best movies to watch while high is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. This film is about Jay and Silent Bob trying to find something to do after they are forbidden from hanging out in front of their favorite convenient store.

They eventually find out from a friend that there’s a movie being made using characters similar to them, so they decide to go get the money that they feel they deserve.

The duo drives all the way from New Jersey to Hollywood to seek out the filmmakers. Along the way, there are many events that transpire involving the police and exotic animals that slow their journey down a bit

This film is one of our favorites on this list, and we know you’ll enjoy it, too. It’s filled with nothing but hilariously good vibes.

Light Up and Remember These Movies to Watch While High

The next time you get home after a long day of work and just want to get a buzz, throw one of these films on to take things off your mind. Enjoy the comedy and adventure within each film. These are the best movies to watch while high!

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