Sports Betting Trends to Keep an Eye on

A particular betting concept may trend for a while and lose significance in a minute. The use of smartphones and the internet has made trends accessibility easier. New trends come to offer players enhanced gaming and betting experience. Bookmakers are always competing to give the best offers. Betting fanatics are still on the lookout for the best upcoming trends.

Below, we take a look at some of the emerging trends that will give the industry a new twist;


Electronic sports have exploded into the spotlight. The increased usage gets attributed to the quarantine period following the Coronavirus outbreak. The way players are embracing eSports on Betway sports betting shows that they will keep the momentum going for numerous seasons.

The unfortunate happenings of 2020 have affected various sectors negatively, including sports. Most gamblers were eager to punt on some live professional matches, but there have been a pause and postponement of multiple matches. Due to unpredictable circumstances, gamblers have resorted to other ways of betting.

In 2020, ESports is one of the sports categories that has attracted many bettors. It may not be new in the industry, but it offers a thrilling gaming experience that has kept it trending for that long. It has been on the rise all over the globe, with other brands besides Betway adopting them..

The fact that players can access it on various devices makes it one of the industry’s best trends. Punters can enjoy a range of different games due to the continuous release of new eSports. Those who may not have tried the trend should do so to experience a new exciting betting category.

Player Tracking

The trend is another emerging trend that is quickly gaining popularity. It might not be as popular as eSports, but it provides bettors with valuable data; hence it is worth your time. The trend enables bettors to track the fitness of a player and data activity live. The numerous fitness data present in the market help one know the player’s fitness data on the spot.

Knowing the fitness of a player in real-time helps gamblers make informed decisions. The information being at your fingertips ensures a gambler will be likely to place the bet and win. The trend is still new to most punters, but it is quickly catching up with the rest. For gamblers who are always keen on recent trends, they have probably come across it.

Last-minute Betting or In-play Betting

With emerging features such as live betting on Betway, bettors are offered numerous betting options. Each gambler has a certain skill level. Some gamblers are quick at analyzing games and place bets before the match begins. On the other hand, some are unsure of the final result. Some people who have busy lifestyles find last-minute betting convenient since they can place the bet after the match has started or when it is about to end.

Among other trends that gamblers should look out for is; Free-Bets and bonuses, especially for newbies; betting sites will be providing more live streams, among other trends. The trends have long been game-changers in the industry, and we expect more and more exciting trends in the future.