Smoking Weed in Vegas: How to Enjoy Your High in Sin City

Over 42 million tourists visited Las Vegas last year as people take advantage of the fresh addition partying with pot. 

That’s right, Vegas got a little more convenient for those who prefer smoking weed in Vegas over getting wasted on alcohol.

And although casinos aren’t handing out free tokes of smoke while you gamble like cocktails, there is plenty to enjoy in Vegas while high.

From hitting the best dispensaries to soaking in the sites and sounds of the strip, here is how you can make the best of your stoned trip to Sin City.

Smoking Weed in Vegas, Where to Smoke?

With 31 dispensaries just within Las Vegas’ Clark County, finding legal weed is simple. 

The problem lies in where to get high since Vegas marijuana laws allow the sale of marijuana but not public consumption.

Hotels and casinos, as well as smoking on the stripe, lead to a pricey fine. This may have you thinking, where to smoke weed in Vegas then?

So, technically, unless you have a friend who lives in Vegas who invites you in for a smoke session, you are stuck with weed you can’t burn.

Your best bet is to be cautious and avoid smoking in public. Your hotel room can be one of of the most discrete places to smoke weed in Las Vegas where you can sit back and listen to your favorite weed-smoking tunes.

Remember that hotels may charge you a fine as well or take your deposit.

You can also try a vaporizer that limits odors and could pass for tobacco. Again, use at your own discretion.

Once you find your perfectly secret way of smoking, it is time to hit the town and enjoy all that is Vegas.

Indulge in a Buffet

THC covers the brain with pleasure by attaching to your receptors, one of the results is an increase in appetite. Find out more info on how THC reacts in your brain, giving you a number of pleasant responses.

Luckily, you are in Vegas, so a large appetite and indulgence can be satisfied in a number of ways.

You will find cheap buffets, fancy buffets, themed buffets, breakfast buffets, and anything else your stomach tells you to eat. 

Every casino has its own buffet, so check out if yours offers a discount for staying in the room.

Reward cards also sometimes get you free or discounted buffets if you sign up for the first time or accumulate points while gambling. 

Get Bedazzled at Cirque du Soleil

Visual stimulation doesn’t get better than a French circus full of art, color, music, and acrobats. And getting high legally in Vegas means that people do not care if you act messed up in public, so enjoy the show.

The Beatles LOVE show at the Mirage and the Michael Jackson One performance at Mandalay Bay offer spectacular arrangements set to epic songs that please the eyes and hears.

Other masterpieces include Zumanity at New York, New York, and Ka at the MGM Grand that reveal alternate dimensions of animals, love, lust, and savage intensity.

Regular tickets start at $69, but be sure to check out your reward cards or hotel discounts again. 

See Live Music

Going to a show in Vegas actually saves you money because you can take a break from gambling. Plus, now that you can get stoned, concerts should be at the top of your list of things to do in Vegas.

Music in Vegas ranges from classy cabarets to well-known rock musicians. Some shows perform on a daily basis, while other mainstream artists might just be passing through for one or two nights.

See who is in town while you are there just in case your favorite band is playing to buy tickets early.

Then look for deals in hotel brochures to get discounts on the regulars who have a home in one of the casinos.  

Soak in Fremont Street

A trip to Vegas always should include a visit to “old Vegas” especially when you have some weed to burn. 

Fremont street floods your senses with flashy classic casinos like the Golden Nugget and cheap junk food like fried Twinkies.

Plus, it is less posh than the main strip so bringing a vape with you to sneak a puff down a side street might suit you. The chance of a fine still exists. Use your own discretion when choosing to smoke in public.

Lounge in Pool

Some of the pool areas in Vegas are legendary for their relaxing party vibes. 

The Flamingo offers a tropical retreat with an adult section to go topless if it suits you. You can also gaze at the wildlife of flamingos and birds who live in the area.

Don’t miss the tank slide at the Golden Nugget that goes through a shark tank. 

Whirlpools, waterfalls, slides, swim up bars, and private cabanas complete many of the other swimming pool found in Vegas that will give you the laid back high you’ve been seeking.

Of Course Gamble

Vegas will always be the place to come to lose money while hoping the day will come when you hit the jackpot.

At least make losing fun by getting really high before hitting up the casinos. Just remember to spread your money around at different games and venues. 

Also, leave some of your money in your room safe so you don’t blow your budget in one night. Being high can be fun, but you might forget those are real dollars going into the pretty little machine. 

Let Loose But Make a Plan

Going to Vegas means letting your ethics out the window, but you should always play it safe. You do have to go back to reality at some point.

Making a budget and an itinerary can save you money while making sure you don’t miss anything in Vegas. 

Smoking weed in Vegas has its charm, but remember that it can get overwhelming. You can also opt to smoke in your room and check out some online gambling right from your computer.