Small Apartment, No Problem: 8 Apartment Storage Ideas to Maximize Living Space

Your apartment is small. And while it’s big enough for you to survive in, it struggles to comfortably hold your many possessions. For this reason, you’re considering tossing some of your things out to the trash. 

But wait! Before you do that, you should consider other options. You should consider utilizing the following apartment storage ideas. 

1. Mount Your TV!

First and foremost, if you have a small apartment, you have to mount your TV. Modern TVs and their corresponding stands take up anywhere from 10 to 25 square feet of space, a sizable chunk when you’re living in a small area. When they’re not mounted, all of this space exists on the ground, taking up room which could easily be used for storage.   

By mounting the TV, you free up all of the space below it, allowing you to place shelves, an Eames ESU unit, and other valuable storage entities. TV mounts are fairly inexpensive, costing between $20 and $150. So, regardless of your budget, you should be able to find something appropriate. 

2. Store Items Under Your Bed 

One of the biggest mistakes small-apartment dwellers make is failing to put their bed on a stand. In doing so, they forfeit substantial amounts of storage space, essentially giving up room which would otherwise exist under the mattress.  

Conversely, by putting their bed on a stand, they would reap the benefits of a mattress-sized storage area. When living in close quarters, this additional area is vital. 

The area under your bed can be used to store everything from clothing to knick-knacks to suitcases and more. Don’t give it up because you’re too lazy to set up a bed stand. 

3. Utilize Door Hanger Storage Devices

When it comes to small apartments, the bathrooms are almost always the smallest rooms. Unfortunately, bathrooms also necessitate a great deal of storage. This, obviously, creates a bit of a conundrum. 

So, how do you get around it? The answer is to utilize a door hanger storage device. These devices are hung on the backs of doors and essentially act as shelves upon which you can store towels, shampoo, soap, and other necessities. 

And you don’t have to limit them to your bathroom. Any door in your house could conceivably be adorned with a hanger storage device.

4. Think Vertically 

When living in a small space, the key is to think vertically as opposed to horizontally. Because ground-level space is limited, you have to add on by looking upward. 

For instance, instead of utilizing wide and short shelves, utilize tall and narrow shelves. A tall and narrow shelf will provide you with storage space that you otherwise wouldn’t be privy to. 

You should also familiarize yourself with the notion of hanging storage. A hanging storage receptacle provides you with even more vertical storage space. You can hang storage on doors, from clothes hangers, from nails that you hammer into your walls, and more. 

5. Keep Scarcely Used Items in Boxes

We all have items which we need but which we barely use. In a big house or apartment, we can easily leave these items lying around in plain view. However, in a small apartment, they’re nothing more than space killers. 

For this reason, if you live in a small apartment, you need to make these items as compact as possible. How can this be achieved? By putting them in boxes. 

Stuffing rarely-used possessions in boxes and relegating those boxes to the deep recesses of your closets will free up space throughout the rest of your home, allowing you to move freely and keep more possessions in your home. 

6. Position Furniture Away from Walls

If you walk into most homes located throughout the United States, you’re bound to see furniture positioned flush against the walls. While this is suitable in bigger residences, in smaller ones, it often just wastes space. 

This is why, if you live in a small apartment, you should  “float” your furniture. This is to say that you should move it to the centers of your various rooms. 

Floating furniture in this manner provides clearance on all of its sides, making it easy for those around it to maneuver. Conversely, jamming furniture against a wall shuts down passageways. 

7. Fold it Up 

You don’t need all of your possessions all of the time. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to store away possessions when they’re not in use. This is particularly true of large possessions. 

So, how can you get around this problem? By buying possessions which fold. Folding tables, folding chairs, fold-out couches, and more can all help to save space when space is needed. 

You don’t have to worry about creating a bevy of additional space in order to store it either. Just fold it up and tuck it into a corner. Then, when it’s needed again, just unfold it and bring it to where it’s necessary. 

8. Get Creative

When you really stop and think about it, there are storage possibilities everywhere. You just have to get a little creative to realize them. 

For instance, you could place a magnetic adhesive on your wall and use it to hang metal items. Or, you could place a hanging storage receptacle in your closet, providing you with even more space for clothing. 

The key is to brainstorm and try different things. You’d be surprised at what you can come up with. 

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If you’re looking to make the most of your small space, the above-reviewed apartment storage ideas will serve you well. Instead of a cramped and crowded tenement, you’ll have a comfortable and cozy home. 

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