Rugged Science: Things to Know About EMP Bags and 6 Reasons Why You’ll Probably Want One

It is estimated that there are around 10 to 15 thousand nuclear warheads around the world that are live and ready to go.

Nuclear war brings with it a number of risks, the worst of which is instant death if you’re within immediate range of a blast. Even if you’re not within close range of a blast though, you may still feel a nuke’s effects.

Nuclear blasts can poison the earth, ruin food supplies, pollute water, and destroy electronic devices.

This article focuses on the latter of those effects (destruction of electronics) via what’s called an EMP or an “electric magnetic pulse”.

Nukes can produce EMP’s as a side-effect as can weapons whose sole function is the destruction of devices. EMP bags can save your electronics from such occurrences which we will discuss in-depth.

What Are EMP Bags?

EMP Bags are specially outfitted pouches that you can stick your important electronics in. The materials that the EMP bags are created from are designed to deflect circuit overloads which will make it so your protected electronics do not lose their functionality in the event of an attack.

Still not getting the picture?

Do you remember the opening scene from War of Worlds where the invasion starting rendered everyone’s vehicles unusable? That mass electronic failure was the result of an EMP blast.

If those car’s engines had been insulated by the materials EMP bags leverage, they, theoretically, wouldn’t have been affected.

Where Can You Buy an EMP Bag?

EMP bags aren’t widely available given their niche nature. Thanks to the internet however, getting a bag today is much easier than it has been historically when nuclear tensions were high (the Cold War for example).

You can click here for more information on buying options.

Do You Really Need an EMP Bag?

There are a lot of skeptics around EMP bags. This is par for the course when it comes to any products related to the survivalist niche for the simple reason that most people don’t believe that anything bad is ever going to happen.

Using history as an indicator though and combining that with what we’re seeing in the news, we’d say that being overly skeptical to the possibility of EMP is borderline ignorant.

Here are 6 basic reasons why, even if you’re skeptical, picking up an EMP bag is a good idea:

1. They’re Affordable

Many EMP protection bags come in at below $50.00. That low price makes investing in one possible for even populations with low income.

Think about it… There is no insurance policy on earth that will protect your electronics for life for that small amount of money. From that perspective, the low-risk, high-reward nature of EMP bags is too good a deal to pass up.

2. They Protect More Than Just Phones

Most people are leveraging EMP bags to protect their expensive smartphones from being destroyed in an attack. The truth is though that EMP blasts can destroy a lot more than phones.

They can destroy key fobs, digital access cards (ex: a hotel room key), hard drives and more.

We’re not kidding when we say that for a single low-price, you can literally ensure the safety of any electronic-based object that’s sized to fit in your EMP protection bag.

3. They Protect Your Third Most Valuable Resource in an Attack

If there’s a nuclear attack, you’ll want to access water, food, and a means of communication. EMP bags protect that third essential resource which can be instrumental in helping you find the first two.

4. Tensions are Rising

Look at just about any news source and you’ll see that nuclear tensions are rising, not falling. North Korea has become increasingly unpredictable since 2016, India is in a cold war with Pakistan, and Russia is a constant wild card.

As nuclear tensions rise, the value (and prices) of EMP protection is going up.

5. Survival and Military Experts Recommend Protection

People are quick to dismiss survivalist’s claims that EMP protection is a must but military experts are calling for the same thing.

VICE news recently interviewed a person with close knowledge of EMP and global weapons races and he stated that EMP weapons are very much real and can pose a serious threat.

6. You’re Better Safe Than Sorry

Buying an EMP bag is similar to buying an insurance policy.

When you buy car insurance, you don’t buy it anticipating an accident. You buy it because you realize that the potential for an accident is there and you want to make sure that you’ll walk away from one okay.

The potential for an EMP event is certainly there. It can come in the way of a nuke, an EMP weapon or even a solar storm.

Knowing that we recommend that you adopt the same mindset that you do when buying insurance and be safe rather than sorry. After all, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Wrapping Up EMP Bags and Reasons Why You’ll Want One

For better or for worst, large portions of our existence are tied up in our electronic devices. Losing them as a result of an unforeseen event will at best be costly and worst be life-threatening.

Protect yourself from those possibilities by shielding your devices from EMP with the help of EMP bags today.

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