Rise to the Top: 7 Smart Pieces of Advice for Indie Music Artists

Believe it or not, now more than ever is the ideal time to shine for independent music artists. The internet allows for a global reach when it comes to your music and you can go viral in a matter of seconds. But we’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t say it can be daunting!

If you want to achieve industry success you have to be smart about it. Keep reading for seven smart pieces of advice to ensure you rise to stardom.

1. Independent Music Artist Brand

Branding. Is. Important.

Read that again.

Your brand is your image and the initial interaction you have with your potential fans and music industry representatives. Take the time to get creative with your logos, your image, and your aesthetics as an independent music artist. Whatever branding you pick, make sure you stick and commit to it fully.

2. Get A Lawyer

Making sure you’re legally covered is something that most indie artists overlook, and we’re here to tell you this can be a seriously costly decision. You want to be sure what you create is protected and that you don’t get the short end of the stick on any agreements.

Having an entertainment lawyer will prevent you from having to deal with corner-cutting mistakes.

3. Pay Attention To Money

Money can get away from you fast. Make a budget and stick to it and make sure you’re keeping records of your finances.

If you’re strapped for cash look into what’s out there for funding for musicians and grants for independent music artists. Trust us, it’s out there!

4. Streaming Is Key

Streaming services like Spotify are your best friend as an indie artist. Don’t underestimate the power of uploading your music to these places so that others can listen to it across the world. You may even end up on a popular playlist!

5. Always Network

For any job in life, networking is the most underrated way to grow, especially so for independent music artists. 

You could meet someone who knows someone else that will take your career off the ground, or maybe even have some events for you to play at where you’ll meet someone important. The possible connections should be justification enough to never stop networking.

6. Creating Music First, Record Label Second

Don’t be stuck on getting a record label to sign you as a priority. Of course it’s important, but most record label’s now won’t sign artists unless they already built their branding and following on their own.

Focus on your music, the record deal will come.

7. Branch Out On Locations

Don’t pigeonhole yourself to only playing at certain venues. Branch out and play at different locations and places. School rallies, frosh weeks, and cafes for example are great ways to get noticed and have more people hear your music.

Independent Music Artist Know-How

Being an independent music artist has it’s ups and downs, but keeping true to yourself and your music will get you far in this business. Keep our smart tips top of mind to make sure you get where you want to be as an artist!

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