Read This Guide to Vaping Laws Before You Get Kicked Out of Your Favorite Bar

Vaping has morphed into one of the biggest trends when it comes to lighting up. Over 9 million adults vape in the United States on a regular basis. It doesn’t produce the odor that cigarette smoke does, either.

But can you vape anywhere and get away with it? Vaping laws have started to treat vaping in a manner similar to smoking. 

Make sure you know what the laws are where you live before you take out your vape pen or mod, or else you can wind up in trouble. Check out this helpful mini guide before your next night out on the town.

Understand You’ll Get Treated as a Smoker With Vaping Laws

In many cases when vaping in the United States, you’ll get restricted to the same rules that smokers must follow. This varies depending on the state you’re in.

Check the local laws that smokers need to follow. Chances are if they apply to people smoking cigarettes, they’ll apply to you as well, even if you’re using a vape pen, Juul, or similar type of tobacco-less smoke. 

This means in most cases, you won’t get to vape in a restaurant, store, or hotel. Many vape shops (where you can buy your juices and mods) allows you to vape. Ask first to be safe, so you can avoid unknowingly breaking any rules. If you’re looking for a new mod, try this brand

Know That Enclosed Areas Are Usually Off-Limits

Enclosed areas aren’t simply limited to stores, restaurants, and clubs. It’s normally illegal to vape in an enclosed area, such as a taxi, plane, train, or bus. 

Other types of places where you’ll put vaping on hold include:

  • Doctor’s offices and hospitals
  • Schools and universities
  • Museums
  • Places of worship
  • Theaters

Use your judgment. If you think smoking would be frowned upon in any of these cases, chances are vaping is, too. 

Laws can vary by city and depending on what’s legal there. Check out this article on using marijuana in Las Vegas, and gain a better understanding of what local laws can allow depending on what state you’re in. 

Most Outdoor Areas Depend On the Premises

Vaping outdoors becomes a little iffy. If you’re out on a nature trail and feel the need to vape, it’s often not a big deal. Watch out for federal parks, which have restrictions on vaping just as they do smoking. 

The same applies if you’re at a zoo or botanical garden. Although you’re outdoors, the clouds and odor can affect other individuals who are out enjoying the day with you.  Chances are it’s time to put your mod away and wait until you’ve exited the premises. 

Outdoor areas where smokers can partake, such as a patio or indoor smoking area at a bar or pub, allow vaping with no problem. When in doubt, ask, and you can avoid running into problems with vaping and the law. 

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Knowing vaping laws can prevent an incident from occurring when you’re out with your vape. As long as you understand you’ll need to abide by many of the same restrictions smokers face, you’ll be fine.

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