Purrfect Travels: 7 Tips for Traveling With a Cat

You’re planning on going out of town for a few days but you don’t want to leave your cat alone for that long. You call around to all your friends and family to see if they can stop by during the week to give it food and water. Unfortunately for you and your feline friend, everyone you call is busy.

That means you should start making preparations to take the kitty along for the ride. This will be its first long car ride so you’re kind of nervous about how it will handle the situation. To help make this trip as stress-free as possible for your fur baby, here are a few tips for traveling with a cat.  

1. Talk to Their Vet

Some cats have bad anxiety when it comes to riding in a car. Some of them are simply hyperactive and want to roam around. Your cat may be one of the ones who get car sick.

By taking your cat to the vet before the trip, they can give you medication that will suit your cat’s unique temperament and needs.  

2. Make the Carrier into a Place Where They Want to be 

Cats do not like being confined. If you don’t take the time to make the dog crate carrier or any carrier in general comfortable for them, you’ll hear a lot of protesting as you drive. It needs to be large enough for the cat to move around in. 

You should also take the time to let the cat associate it with something positive. Place some treats in it and put it in their favorite spot in the house for a bit. Don’t forget to throw in their toys and food and water dishes.  

3. Let the Kitty Mark its Territory 

If you put the cat in the car for an extended ride before giving it the chance to get used to it then the cat will be uncomfortable for the entire ride. In the weeks leading up to the trip, put the cat in their carrier and take it out to the car a few times a week. 

Leave the carrier open so they can roam around and explore the place. Make sure to leave the windows and doors shut. If you don’t then the kitty may try to be a little escape artist. 

4. Check Flight Regulations

If you’re going to be flying with your cat you need to call the airlines way ahead of time. Ask if there will be room for them to be in the cabin with you. You don’t want them in the cargo hold.

If there is room then find out what health paperwork you’ll need to bring and what the dimensions of the cabin are so you know what size crate to pick up. 

Don’t Leave Your Favorite Feline Home Alone: Tips for Traveling with a Cat 

If you’re going out of town and can’t find someone to babysit your cat, you’ll have to bring them along with you. While traveling with a cat isn’t the easiest thing to do, if you use these tips it won’t be a nightmare either. 

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