Press play on these iconic cinematic casino scenes

Who doesn’t love the rush and excitement of a trip to the casino? Nothing beats it, although sometimes don’t you wish things could be just like the movies? When you’re pulling up a seat at the Blackjack table, wouldn’t you love it if you were facing off against a supervillain at the same time and were on the edge of saving the day?

The casino has been a key focal point for many classic movies, acting as a great location for tension-filled moments and climatic events. To help you inject a little bit of this excitement into casino games online at Betfair, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top casino scenes to get you in the mood. Read on to find out more.

Rain Man

The first stop on our tour of iconic casino scenes has to be from the 1988 cult classic Rain Man. This film has more than one tie to the casino – as the cast and crew were the first movie professionals to be allowed to shoot in the iconic Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Their grand “Emperor’s Suite” is featured at the centre of the Babbitt brothers’ brush with the casino, as they go on an all-nighter, desperate to bag a big win. After the film found its impressive amount of fame, the room became known as the “Rain Man Suite” and is still referred to as this, to this day.

Now onto the casino scene in question – Rain Man’s protagonist Charlie Babbitt gives viewers a great example of card counting, although you should note that this is practice is frowned upon in real-life casinos. In this scene, Babbitt goes up against the Blackjack dealer, utilising his multi-functioning brain to count the cards. His brother joins him at the table, and ends up going bust after drawing a Queen whilst already holding a hand of 18. Charlie sees his brother’s loss and then deduces that there would now be no more Queens left in the deck, using that theory to his advantage in order to ultimately beat the dealer.


In 1996 came another classic movie that takes great influence from the casino. Here we see Vince Vaughan and Jon Favreau playing two aspiring actors who go on a trip to Vegas in a bid to boost their bankrolls. As they make their way into the casino, they quickly realise they’re way out of their depth – and definitely should have done some research beforehand! At first, the down-and-out pair have a little bit of hope as they take a seat at one of the Blackjack tables – which is all fun and games until they double down and lose their money. Learn from their mistakes and always do your due diligence before playing any casino games, online or otherwise.

Dr. No (and the James Bond franchise)

This is the first movie where we get to catch a glimpse of the iconic James Bond, and starts the trend of Bond facing his enemies at the casino gaming tables. Sean Connery takes on the role in 1962, and begins the trend of that famous introduction of “Bond. James Bond”. Here we see the suave spy sit down to play Baccarat, a classic card game, staying true to Ian Fleming’s original novels. Following on from this film, we continue to see Bond taking on the bad guy in casino settings – for example, in Casino Royale we see the smooth gentleman battling it out over a game of Texas Hold’em, with high stakes and the threat of poison.