Movies About Social Media Every Internet-Lover Should Watch

There’s nothing better than a good movie. And there’s nothing hotter right now than social media. So when you combine movies and social media, you’ve got potential for something amazing.

Every once in a while movies about social media come along and shine a light onto the culture that we live in. This can be a powerful tool for encouraging us to take a closer look at ourselves. After all, social media is here to stay, yet it can be used for both and good and for evil.

In this article, we take a look at a few movies that reflect the impact that social media has had on society in a very short time. Keep reading to see if any of your favorite movies made the list.

The Circle (2017)

The Circle is a movie based on a novel of the same name by Dave Eggers. The film stars Emma Watson and Tom Hanks and is set inside the world of a Google-esque technology company.

The plot is fascinating, yet is also somewhat cringe-inducing because of the way it looks at how social media is becoming enmeshed in our daily lives.

Watson’s character is thrilled to get a job at The Circle, the most powerful high tech company in the world. Hanks plays the company’s founder. 

The Circle is very much a morality tale and offers a stern warning that social media is ultimately destructive on many levels.

Yes, it might help us connect with those we love and help to connect us with millions of people around the planet we might not have been able to otherwise. But it also creates a toxic environment where our sense of self becomes based on how many online “friends” we have, and how many “likes” we collect. 

The Circle isn’t a great movie, yet both the movie and the book have a lot to say about the need to be cautious about letting ourselves be swept away by the seductive power of technology.

Ingrid Goes West (2017)

Ingrid Goes West is an interesting little movie starring Aubrey Plaza.

The story centers on Ingrid, who is obsessed with social media, especially a super popular social media influencer played by Elizabeth Olsen. 

Following the death of her mother, Ingrid moves to Los Angeles in the hopes of befriending her Instagram obsession. She does, in fact, manage to accomplish this, but the friendship is based on a series of lies that eventually catch up with Ingrid.

The film is very reflective of the heavy influence of social media on millennial culture. It does a good job of showing how social media platforms such as Instagram are effective a presenting a carefully curated version of life rather than reality.

In the end, of course, none of the characters in the movie are who they present themselves to be. And though it might be easy to want to blame this type of behavior solely on social media, it’s really more a reflection of human nature as it has always been.

Catfish (2010)

Catfish is a documentary released in 2010 that depicted an online relationship between a man and a young woman who meet on a social networking website.

The movie was interesting because it shined a light on the deceptive power of socializing with a faceless online community. 

Ultimately it was revealed that the young woman was actually a married woman with children living a sad existence in Vancouver, Washington. This is a heartbreaking story that offered a glimpse into the attraction to the Internet which enables people to interact anonymously with strangers. 

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You’ve Got Mail (1998)

You’ve Got Mail is a classic movie released at the infant stage of the Internet. It’s the story of a struggling boutique bookseller who hates a big box bookseller, while at the same time flirting with a fellow book lover she meets online.

It’s a cute rom-com that is much more a traditional romantic tale than it is a commentary on the impact of social media on modern society. The film employs some classic narrative storytelling tricks to draw us in as we watch the two leads despise each other even as they realize they’re falling in love with each other.

It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s romantic, and it stars two of the most popular movie stars of the past thirty years. What more could you ask for?

The Social Network (2010)

The Social Network is David Fincher’s masterpiece. And that’s really saying something.

Many fans of film consider Fincher to be among the greatest living movie directors working today. He’s meticulous, demanding, and has an eye for pacing and detail that few other directors can match.

With The Social Network, Fincher brought every tool in his toolbox to the table. This the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the birth of Facebook. 

In the opening scene, we watch as Zuckerberg, a student at Harvard, gets dumped by a girl he’s been dating. The event inspires him to seek a means by which he can elevate his social status.

The result of this moment has literally revolutionized the way that many people live their lives and interact with one another.

The movie was released in 2010. It’s as close to perfect as a film can be, and it works on a number of different levels. It’s a gripping narrative, a fascinating non-fiction tale as amazing as any thriller, and also a morality tale that shows us what one individual is capable of achieving with the right motivation.

The Best Movies About Social Media

Social media has made an enormous impact on society over a very short period of time. And yet movies have been impacting the world for more than a century. This list of movies about social media provides a glimpse into how technology can be both a blessing and a curse.

The key is to learn to unplug and reconnect with the world around us in a more authentic way and to remember that that is what life is really all about.