Microgaming – Twenty Years of Good Reputation Among Australian Online Pokies

In the world of online gambling, the reputation of software developers of gaming solutions for online casinos is of great importance. After all, at all times enough clever people were wishing to get a win, no matter what. At the same time, gambling is, first of all, fair play. Strict adherence to the rules is a guarantee of respect from the side of the players, which means greater confidence in the company that develops online pokies Australia virtual casinos.

This topic is especially relevant in the light of the majority of casinos entering virtual spaces. Since there is no way to physically check the accuracy of the mechanics or electronics settings, as could be done with pokies operating in a real casino. However, guarantees of the accuracy of the software still exist. Experienced players are well aware of this. They will not play on Australian pokies of unverified software developers, because newcomers in the software development may be too tempted to get super-profits, which means that the gaming equipment settings may be not adequate.

The development of the leader in the gambling niche

Microgaming founded more than two decades ago in South Africa, and today considered a recognized expert in the niche of online gambling, many players around the world trust the gaming equipment and honesty policy in virtual casinos with games from this brand. It is worth noting that the company’s path was not smooth. There were also unfortunate mistakes, for example, related to accusations against the company due to bugs in the software of Blackjack games, which led to mass complaints from players about the understated RTP (Return to Player, i.e. money return percentage) of winnings and the loss of card combinations too rare compared to playing on a regular blackjack table in a real gambling club. The complaints of the players were not disregarded, and the company finalized the software. After the change, there were no complaints from gamers about Microgaming’s games to this day.

Features of the software developed by Microgaming

A very important area of activity of Microgaming can be considered the development of pokies for Australian online casinos. Their machines are considered not only the most “giving” but also the most interesting in terms of storyline, the presence of animation, bonus games, great phonograms. As for the capabilities of the pokies, almost all of them are represented by five-drum devices, on which you can select up to thirty paylines with bet spreads from 0.01 to 0.25 cents per coin. All pokie machines have a Wild symbol and a Scatter symbol, bonus games, and a jackpot that reaches 15,000 coins.

The company’s policy regarding the free use of pokies is very loyal to the players. Any of the pokies from this company is available in a demo version. You can play each game with free bets. Therefore, anyone can train for as long as they like or just have a good time at their favorite games from Microgaming.