Marketing in the Mundane: 7 Promotional Product Ideas That Will Make Your Brand Unforgettable

Let’s face it, everyone loves a freebie.

Businesses have been leveraging this fact for decades. For instance, 80% of consumers in the United States own 1 to 10 promotional products.

Clearly, there are a fair few of them floating around out there!

However, not all promotional items are made the same. Some naturally provide more bang for your buck. The trick is knowing which ones to utilize to maximize your return on the investment.

Done right, and this low-cost marketing technique can facilitate brand recognition, exposure, and even sales generation. It’s in the interest of any business to know what works.

Want help choosing the next promo item to distribute?

Keep reading to learn about seven essential promotional items that are sure to grow your brand.

1. Keychains

Key chains are a veritable classic of the promotional item world.

It feels like they’ve been used for this purpose since the dawn of time. People love them!

After all, it’s always nice to have something more personal on a set of keys. It’s a handy means of showcasing something that’s important to you.

Think about Porsche car owners showing off their car with a Porsche key chain on the car keys! It’s a statement to others.

It’s good for business too. Of course, keys are used every single day. If the keychain makes the cut and finds itself in use, then it’ll be seen day in and day out.

That equates to free and ongoing advertising.  

2. Mugs

Say hello to another classic freebie!

Branded mugs are another useful item to give people. They cost very little to make up, and, like keychains, can be used for years to come. It’s easy brand exposure.

Now, an ordinary mug with a logo on it is better than nothing. But it’s unlikely to take pride of place in someone’s kitchen cabinet. In fact, many sit at the back of the shelf acquiring dust. If anything, that’s bad for the brand!

Instead, try to design a mug that’s novel in some way.

Everyone has a favorite mug. Ensure someone actively wants to use the mugs you make! Remember, promo items work best when they stand out. You want them on display and getting attention.

Have mugs that change color when they’re hot. Design funny images on the front. Have an amusing phrase on the underside of the mug. The possibilities are endless! 

3. Personalized Treats

Everyone loves free candy!

However, candy and chocolate taste even better when it’s been personalized in some way. Think about how you could create personalized promo treats around your brand and theme.

For instance, why not create holiday season candy with your brand attached to it? Or, 4th July fireworks chocolates? What about Santa Clause sweets for Christmas?

Get creative and hand out delicious edibles that everyone will enjoy. This is an epic way of building a positive brand image.

4. Travel Charger/Power Banks

The best gifts are genuinely useful.

They’ll be happily incorporated into someone’s everyday life. That ongoing use of a well-received gift is dynamite for your brand. People see your logo every day, and they feel great about it in the process.

A power bank is one example of a truly useful gift. In a modern technological world, people run out of charge all the time. Laptops, phones, kindles, and tablets all go flat. Having a power bank provides a handy backup.

This would be a top item for anyone who loves to travel. Or for employees who have to commute to work, and so on.

5. Tote Bags

Every man and his dog has a branded tote bag these days.

It’s another example of a useful item that’ll get frequently used. Oh, and you can get them made and printed with your logo for a pittance! As we’ve already noted, that means it ticks all the right boxes for a top promo item.

Totes are a go-to favorite for marketers. You’re unlikely to blow anyone away, but they’re popular for a reason: they work. Again, consumers can carry around your bag for years.

Even better (and in comparison to other classic promo items on this list), it isn’t just the recipient who is exposed to your brand. Everyone in the person’s environment sees it too.

Think about how you can make your tote a little bit special. Pick a material that’s different. It may be made from recyclable materials, for instance. This extra touch will go a long way to shedding your brand in a good light.

6. Stress Balls

Life is stressful.

Long hours, low pay, and minimal holidays make people stressed out. They need a means of expressing it! Providing them with a branded stress ball may be exactly what they need.

They’ll have your business to thank for their happier headspace.

7. Wristbands

Wristbands are another promo item that ticks all the right boxes:

Cheap to make, regularly used, and fun to receive. Now, they’re not as useful as other items here. But they’re obviously designed for aesthetics above any practical function!

There are all sorts of designs and styles available.

Put some effort into making an attractive band and it can be worn for months to come! Think about festival wristbands. They’re often worn as a badge of honor (“I was there”).

There’s often power on a wristband. It becomes part of a person’s identity, showcasing something about themselves to others.

You can leverage this power if you make your wristbands top quality and on-brand.

Final Thoughts on Promotional Items

There you have it: seven top promotional items to help skyrocket your brand.

Freebies are almost always well-received by consumers. In an expensive world, getting something for nothing is a rarity. That’s good news for businesses. These products can help build rapport with potential customers, develop exposure, and ultimately leads to more sales.

However, it’s easy to misfire. How often have you received a generic promo item and put it straight in the bin? You want to avoid that fate!

Picking the right item to give away is a good place to start. Hopefully, this post has given you some good ideas!

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