Man-Made Fake Pee To The Rescue?

If you are working in an institution or for a consultant firm, you may be required to go through regular drug tests. It may be scary for people who use drugs such as weed or cocaine. So, if you use any of the prohibited drugs, you can do things differently to help you pass the test. You need the best synthetic urine for this purpose. It will help you take the test with confidence.

Fake pee smells like natural urine and has components similar to those found in natural urine. Besides, it is convenient since it comes in either liquid or powdered form. Note that you can put fake pee to many uses. But they are commonly used in rescue situations which require that a candidate passes a drug test.

The first fake pee was created in the laboratory in 1828. It was synthetic urea, which is one of the compounds found in urine. Today the fake pee is advanced and may contain many compounds to make it look like natural urine. You can use it for the following purposes:

  1. Passing drug test

To use the fake pee to pass any drug test, it must meet the following criteria:

Must maintain the right temperature- having the right temperature is an essential factor in determining genuine urine. So, the temperature of any fake urine must fall between 90- 100F

Must contain all the compounds- fake urine must contain all the compounds found in the natural urine. It must contain the right amount of urea, potassium, sodium, chloride, and creatine. It means that you must always buy your fake urine from a reputable company. If it is in powdered form, the instructions must be clear about the amount of water you should add to it. Also, there must be instructions on how long you should take before using the prepared sample:

  1. Science

Experiments that require natural urine may give different results if the samples of natural urine used are not consistent. As such, it may be prudent that you make use of synthetic urine because it does not change, and so the results you get are likely to be consistent.


  1. Educational purposes

Medical students can still use fake urine for their regular practical lessons instead of using contagious human urine. It will help them learn more about human urine without exposing them to the human urine bacteria.

  1. Testing pads and diapers

Manufacturers of diapers and pads use fake pee in determining the quality of pads and diapers. The reasoning is that it contains all the compounds found in the human urine and can help determine if the pad or the diaper can serve the purpose.

  1. Cosmetics

Since fake pee has a similar chemical structure like that of human urine, it can suitably be used in cosmetology. Real urine can be used in making cosmetics, but it can harm the skin. So, using synthetic urine is vital since it is harmless.

Of course, there are many other uses of human-made fake urine. But the most important ones include passing drug tests, for practical lessons, in the manufacturing of pads and cosmetics.