Loft Decorating Ideas: 7 Unique Style Elements to Incorporate

Up to 2012, home improvement companies were making over 50-70 billion dollars in revenues.

This shows the high consumption rates of loft decoration. Many loft decorating ideas exist. It’s, thus, upon individual users to make choices from the available options.

Loft living comes with high expectations. It’s all about making the right choices to enhance your loft environment.

Searching for loft decorating ideas? We unveil 7 unique design elements you should try to style your loft.

1. Divide the Available Space Depending On Home Use    

Before the actual decoration begins, you have to track and analyze the available space. This exercise will give you a rough estimate of what to do. You will make decisions in regards to space.

Once you’re done with the evaluation, it’s time to divide your space. The division should be on the basis of your day to day activities in the loft. Many questions arise at this point. For instance, do you need an office in there?

You have to also decide on the kitchen space and living room. Always leave spaces between the sections to serve as walkways. You ought to design the spaces to match your lifestyle.

Appropriate space division is the first and one of the most essential steps in loft decoration.

2. Use Appropriate Ceiling Lighting and Design

Ceilings in lofts are usually high. The heights sometimes infer bad taste in decoration. You have to get creative in such instances. Such a scenario will force you to decorate the upper part of the loft with dark shades. These shades camouflage unpleasant features.

You may need architectural adjustments, and this great company will be of help to you. They help to design your ceiling features and make it appropriate for you to decorate.

You may also decide to capitalize on the height and put up some fascinating light fixtures. The choice of the lights will, yet, depend on specific rooms. Consider hanging pendant lights in intimate places at lower heights.

Public spaces, e.g., the entry point, should have them hang high and enhance them with table lamps for more light. A proper ceiling lighting goes a long way in the appearance of the loft.

3. Let Rugs Define the Rooms

Spreading mats on the floors help in the general establishment of individual rooms. Rooms, e.g., the kitchen don’t need much of this due to the nature of activities in there. Water from the dishes is likely to destroy it.

In other rooms, the rugs provide a surface where you arrange furniture. Their presence adds some fine texture as well as comfort in the space. They add warmth to the floor and instill discipline due to their enormous maintenance cost.

The rugs in the dining area are different from those in the bedroom because you spend more time in the living area than the latter. Sisal rugs are the most appropriate for the living area due to their desirable durability.

The choice of material and weight of the rugs wholly depend on the rooms.

4. Getting Creative with Storage Is One of Loft Decorating Ideas 

Closets and built-in shelves are hard to find in most attics. Their absence provides room for you to get creative with space. Often, room divider furniture will sort you out. You’ll have a shelf for your books as well as for decorative objects like paintings.  

Custom made furniture with drawers will be of great use here. They also have to be in a central position for easy access.

Additionally, inventing coat racks and wall hooks will be crucial in the general organization of the loft. These tools give room for a decent arrangement and vertical storage.

It’s always advisable to create storage space in every room you design.

5. Consider Furniture

The general outlook of your furniture plays a critical role in the decoration. The presence of furniture made from hardwood trees is an added advantage. The color should also be appealing.

Scaling of the furniture will be a vital technique for you. This move will ensure that the available space and the size of the furniture are proportional. A big space with small pieces will make the room uncomfortable.
Creating a blend of large and small furniture will make it beautiful. For better results, it’s good to consider custom furniture over ready-made. Custom made furniture plays a crucial role in other aspects, e.g., the storage space.

6. Choose a Color Palette

The choice of colors depends on individuals. Rooms with a closer view of one another should have complementary colors. This scenario means that the colors have a common background.

The complementary nature of the colors will bring about cohesiveness in the loft. The loft will tend to pull together leading to increased comfort. The cohesiveness will also depend on other features in the attic.

The furniture, walls, and rugs should complement one another to make it appealing. All designing work should be done at a go to ease the outcome. Your choice of colors should be on point.
In the bedroom, blankets, and other accessories should complement one another. The lighting and colors, in this case, should be intimate for apparent reasons.

7. Design Your Art Gallery

Massive open wars present a platform for displaying your art. It all starts by gathering cohesive pieces that have frames.

The size of your collection depends on your adventures and passion for art. Your creativity comes into play in this case.

It’s usual for your collection to have a few pieces at the beginning. Your past life will determine the exact number. Besides, it gets bigger with time.

Art gallery as one of the loft decorating ideas looks excellent from the center. It’ll give you a chance to get innovate as you approach other parts. Combining photography, prints, and painting will make it more appealing with time.

You also have to incorporate diverse frame shapes and sizes.

Embrace Nature

Nature and creativity are critical elements in loft designing.

Loft decorating ideas depends on your desire and innovation capabilities. Contact us for more information on loft decoration and related fields.