Shotti P vs Xcel – this battle was better than i thought it would be but it was still garbage. Shotti got the first clearly, Xcel got the second clearly, and i edged the third to Xcel. weak battle overall.

Gjonaj vs Danny Myers – this battle was meh on both sides. The audio kept fucking up so it was hard to call. shout outs to Danny for keeping his composure while the mics kept fucking up, I dont think many other battlers could have kept it together. 2-1 either way. nothing memorable though.

Iron Solomon vs B magic – this battle was WAY better than i thought it was gonna be. I think Iron clearly got the first, magic’s first was good but he was warming up. I got Magic clearly taking the second. crowd was good but didnt catch some of my favorite lines “im dope like the bottom of the blender”. i might edge Iron in the third. but the battle is debatable. best of the night.

Head Ice vs Bigg K – Ice was the most direct and aggressive ive ever seen in years. Bigg K had some really funny moments. very debatable battle. might have to edge it to ice but bigg k brought it.

Pass vs Money Bagz – Money Bagz 3-0 ez. Pass was sloppy and unprepared. Pass had some really cool lines but the overall package was bad. This was the best money bags i’ve ever seen. moneybagz lowkey nearly ended pass career.

DNA vs Bangz – ………… where do i start…….. worst battle ive seen in so long…… smh. was the worst DNA i’ve ever seen and he 3-0’d body bagged him. Bangz is SO FUCKING TRASH…… for real. it was so painful. the KOTD crowd actually boo’d someone for the first time ive ever seen. SHITTIEST BATTLE MAYBE EVER.

Hollow vs Pat – dope battle. hard to call. very debatable. ill have to watch it again. it was what it needed to be. hollow 3-0 not debateable. bars over jokes.

Thesaurus vs Math didnt happen. Thesaurus was in the building and Math no showed…smh. Dirt vs Profac didnt happen, dont think dirt can leave NY state. dont understand why u would book a battle with out knowing if u can leave the state, but i dont know.