Chedda Cheese vs Carter Deems

This was the first battle of the night and undoubtedly the best battle of the night too. In hindsight it seemed like a mistake putting this first as it set the bar incredibly high. Chedda set the tone for the battle by claiming that instead of it being nerd (Deems) vs gangsta (Ice), it was gangsta vs gangsta, fucking hilarious. Carter Deems was insanely entertaining, I think at one stage he referred to his fists as cat massagers. No noticeable slip ups from either, incredibly polished performance from both. I’m calling this one the peoples main event. 2-1 either way.

J-Pro vs Quill

This battle popped off almost immediately after the Chedda vs Deems battle. I was hoping that this pacing would be consistent throughout the entire event. Ultimately, this battle was underwhelming. Partly because it followed the fire that was chedda/deems, but mostly because neither rapper really got out of 2nd gear. Obscure references on both sides, corny punchlines from J-Pro and stumbles from Quill made this battle one to forget.

Realiztic vs Bonnie Godiva

I thought this was kind of cool. Bonnie stepped up on a weeks notice to fill in for Born who couldn’t make it for whatever reason. Bonnie had a good performance and seemed to have the crowd on her side. Real had some pretty brutal misogynistic bars and got some good reaction from the crowd. His closing bars gave props to Bonnie for stepping up on short notice, which I thought was pretty nice. Overall, solid battle but nothing special.

Psycoses vs Gjonaj

Put your money where your mouth is! Both of these dudes put up $1000 which I thought was commendable. Takes a lot of balls to do that, especially when the judging is so subjective, and from what I understand there is no specific criteria to follow. I thought Psycoses had an amazing performance. His energy was electric and he had punch after punch and got some very strong reaction from the crowd. If there was one fault on his performance I think it was that he was rapping a little too fast in his second and third round which softened the effect of his bars. Gjonja was good too, his wordplay was pretty slick, but a lot of his material was obscure. His lines were a little too complicated at times, which I felt made his performance suffer at times. In the end that didn’t matter, as he was awarded the split decision victory and $2000 USD. Okay battle.

Head Ice vs Arsonal

I found Ice’s first round to be particularly disappointing. He had some slip ups and it felt like he didn’t put much effort into his writing, which is a shame because when he is on, he is almost unbeatable. Arsonal was in beast mode throughout and gave one of his better performances in recent memory. Arsonal 3-0.

Illmaculate vs Rone

As far as KOTD title matches are concerned, this was one of the less entertaining and underwhelming ones. The highlight for me was Rone walking out to Lion King’s “Just can’t wait to be king.” Rone came out strong but seemed to slowly lose steam as the battle progressed. Illmaculate had an odd performance. He had a strong focus on a comedy and less of the solid bars we are accustomed to hearing. I had this battle 1 round a piece going in to the third. Rone had a pretty strong closing bar in the last, but a fairly average round overall. This was Illmacs battle to lose, and he did just that. He spent half of the last round rapping about the Rone giving Pat a blowjob video. He wasn’t nearly as creative as he needed to be and a result lost this round pretty easily. Rone won the judges decision 4-1.