Battle: Skelly vs Shotti P
Rating: 1/10
Highlights: Shotti P’s line about Canada having all the white rappers “Pat Stay, Charron, 100 Bullets”. Skelly came with garbage.

Result: 3-0 Shotti P. But the fans took an L
Rewatchable?: No

Battle: Lexx Luthor vs Jay Rell
Rating: 0/10
Highlights: Jay Rell punking Lexx and making him cry.

Result: 3-0 Jay Rell. Fans took an L again.
Rewatchable?: No.

Battle: Bishop vs Pass
Rating: 6/10
Highlights Pass’s First Round, Bishop’s Second Round. Pass choked in round 3.

Result: 2-1 either way because of the choke
Rewatchable?: Pass’s first

Battle: Knamelis vs Big T
Rating: 4/10
Highlights: Big T’s first two were ok but he choked in the third. Knamelis sucked throughout.

Result: 2-1 Big T even with the choke
Rewatchable?: No.

Battle: Cortez vs Charron
Rating: 5/10
Highlights: Cortez 3rd round and Charron nodding his head continuously like a retard.

Result: Cortez 3-0, crowd will make it look closer but Canada gonna Canada.
Rewatchable?: No.

Battle: Dizaster vs Iron Solomon
Rating: 7/10
Hightlights: Solomon’s second was heat, third was pretty good. Dizaster had a mental breakdown after not being able to stick a hitler mustache onto his face. By far his shittiest round ever. First two were classic “IM RAPPING REALY FAST AND NOT SAYING SHIT” mixed in with some “SOMETHIN SOMETHIN” type material, and he went on some weird Loose Shekel’s Jew’s Caused 9/11 conspiracy theory rap in the third.

Result: Iron 3-0.
Rewatchable?: Iron’s second. The battle should’ve been condensed into actual 3 minute rounds – would’ve been better off, especially for diz

Day 1 Score: 4.5/10