Keep Up! 10 Of The Best Scooters Of 2019

People are looking for new ways to get from point A to B, and scooters are providing more of an environmentally friendly option than cars. 

If your commute is only a short distance but too far to bike, you may want to consider getting an electric scooter. 

If this sounds like a good option for you, check out our list of the best scooters of 2019.

1. Mongoose Expo

The Mongoose Expo is possibly one of the leading scooters in the field. This scooter lets you ride on streets one second and on dirt and ground the next. 

The 12-inch wheels that are attached to the sturdy scooter make the bike able to change terrains in an instant, which makes it very versatile. If you wanted something that can go on multiple terrains to have something fun after your work commute, this would be the perfect choice for you.

The scooter has a BMX style to it which allows you to control the scooter very easily. It isn’t very difficult to do. In the event that you have to immediately stop, the brakes are incredibly responsive so you won’t have to worry about that.

The scooter also has a wide platform (deck) to make sure that your feet have plenty of room to fit while you ride. This lets you have a better stance on the scooter so you don’t fall off.

Because this bike is safe and easy to use, you might even consider letting your kids try it.  

2. Razor Pro RDS

The Razor Pro RDS is one of the most up to date scooters and is equipped with a sleek design. The features that this scooter offers is what helped us decide to put it on the list.

Like the previous scooter, this will also help you maneuver through all kinds of terrains with no changes needed. 

This scooter has a BMX style as well. The frame is made from aluminum, which helps give the scooter some stability. This fork frame also helps you control the scooter well.  

The tires on this scooter are 200mm and also have a great tread pattern that helps make sure the scooter feels sturdy enough while you ride. 

This scooter has a rear brake that is quite responsive and helps keep you safe. 

3. ANCHEER Commuter

This is one of the electric scooters on our list. To see more great electric scooters, check out the list at

This scooter is made by ANCHEER. This is a great scooter that has all kinds of gadgets attached to it.

On this one, the handlebars can light up with an LCD display. (The handlebars also have a light attached to them.) This will show you how fast the scooter is going and how much battery is left. You can also see how many miles you’ve gone. 

This scooter charges quickly and will help you or your kids get plenty of hours of riding in. 

This can be a great alternative to get you to work because of how long the battery can last with only a small amount of charge time. In addition to that, the scooter can also fold up easily so you can bring it with you almost anywhere. 

4. Razor 13013205 A5 Air

The Razor 13013205 A5 Air is a very sleek-looking black scooter.  The aluminum scooter is built to make sure that the handlebars don’t rattle and vibrate your hands as you ride it.

Like the previous scooter, this one can also be folded up, making it very convenient. 

You can also do some customization with this scooter; you can adjust the handlebars to make sure it’s comfortable while you ride. If your child wants to ride this, you can adjust it for them too. 

The handlebars are equipped with rubber grips to make it more comfortable and sturdy. 

5. Gilon Dolly Adult Electric Scooter

The Gillon Dolly Adult Electric Scooter is also one of the electric scooters on our list. Like most of the other scooters, this one is made from aluminum that won’t corrode, so you can even ride it in the rain! 

The tires are airless 8-inch rubber tires. 

This scooter can also fold up to make it easy to ride every day. 

The scooter is powered by a 6.6Ah lithium-ion battery. This battery powers a 250-watt motor. This motor will let you ride about 15 minutes before you need to recharge it again.

However, when you do need to recharge it, it will only take you about three and a half hours before it’s ready for another ride. You don’t have to worry about keeping track of when you’ll need to charge again, though. There is a battery indicator on the handlebars to warn you when you need to charge again. 

This scooter can travel at 15 mph, offering you a smooth ride.  It also only weighs 28 pounds, and it folds and has a retractable handle that allows you to carry it around like a suitcase to make it easier to transport and store. 

6. Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter

The Swagtron Swagger Electric Scooter is one of the best scooters of 2019. This scooter is reliable, so you won’t have to worry about if you will be able to use it to get to work on time. 

If you are using it for your commute, you will need something that can withstand all the work you’ll put it through. This scooter will be able to handle it.

The scooter weighs very little and is very minimalistic. The frame is made of carbon fiber and can support the weight of 250 pounds, making it very strong.

In addition, there are also springs that can absorb shock to make your ride smooth. Like the last scooter, it has a 250-watt motor and can go up to 15 mph. You can also go about 15 miles with one charge as well. 

However, this scooter can charge in about an hour and a half, which is significantly lower than the last scooter. 

This one also folds so that you are able to store it easily.  

7. Razor E300

The Razor E300 is also a good choice. Razor is a well-known name in the scooter industry, and it’s no surprise that this scooter has great additions.

The battery life allows riders to take their scooter up to 15 mph and travel for forty minutes without needing a recharge. 

This scooter has a wider frame and deck than most scooters, but this just makes it more available to users of all ages. 

This scooter has 1-inch wide tires. However, it doesn’t have any lights on the scooter, so it’s best used during the day time for safety reasons. 

This scooter only weighs 43 pounds, so it’s not too heavy to move around. 

This scooter’s brake is actually hand operated which means that most people will be able to operate it. The scooter also has a kickstand which makes it one of the easiest scooters for people to get on.

8. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter may not look like it’s ready to travel fast, but you will be able to reach speeds up to 20 miles per hour on it. 

This is one of the fastest speeds you will find for a scooter without having to spend a lot of money. 

This scooter is nice because this one has a seat which is padded and also adjustable. The scooter is also equipped with 16-inch tires. 

You can control the speed through throttles that are on the handlebars. If you want to use a scooter to run errands, this is a good option because it has a little basket attached to it. 


The NANROBOT D4 may be a little more expensive, but you will also be able to travel up to 40 mph while you’re on it. You can even go up about 45 miles before you need to recharge it.

This scooter has a 23 4ah 52v lithium battery. Once the battery needs to be recharged, it should only take about three hours to be ready to go again. 

This scooter has 10-inch wheels, a 1000W motor, and six shock absorbers to make sure that your ride goes as smoothly as possible. 

There are front and back breaks, as well as an emergency break in case the other two don’t work. This makes sure that you are always safe. 

10. Hudora 205 Folding Kick Adult Scooter

The final scooter on our list is actually built by a German brand. 

This is a commuter scooter that will last you for a long time. It is great for commuting because that is actually what it was built for. 

The scooter has 205mm PU wheels, and the whole thing only weighs a total of 5.5 pounds. It also folds up to let you take it into work and store it under your desk until you need it to go home. 

The handlebars are also comfortable and absorb the vibrations from the ride so that your hands don’t have to.  

Buy One of the Best Scooters of 2019

These scooters are some of the best scooters of 2019. 

Before you decide which one to buy, you should decide what you need the scooter for. Are you mostly going to use it for commuting? Do you want your child to be able to ride it as well?

Once you’ve answered those questions, look into buying your new scooter today!

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