How to Survive in Minecraft: 7 Awesome Tips You Might Not Have Known

Are you a Minecraft expert?

If you are, chances are you’ve had your fair share of deaths. Whether it be by fall or spider, you know how frustrating it is to die.

But you may be missing out on some helpful tips and tricks to make sure you can survive in Minecraft. If you take our seven survival tips, you’ll be able to traverse your world with confidence

Read on for our Minecraft survival guide.

1. Don’t Get Lost in Caves

Have you ever lost yourself in a cave? Nothing is more frustrating.

Instead of doing this again, place torches on one side of the cave walls. Like with real-life survival, you’ll be able to follow these torches out.

Make sure to bring enough torches to do this. And don’t forget which side you placed them on!

2. Use a Seed to Get Ahead

If you’re trying to defeat the ender dragon, you need a world that plays to your strengths. Using an obscure seed that doesn’t have any advantages will make your life difficult… and short!

And a bad seed might also ruin the gameplay. There are much cooler Minecraft Seeds out there that you can use.

3. Don’t Dig Straight Down

If you forget every other tip in this article, don’t forget this one. The biggest mistake new Minecraft players make is digging straight down.

Digging straight down is the best way to die. You could fall into a cave and take massive fall damage. Or, more likely, you’ll hit lava and not know how to get out.

Do yourself a favor by digging like you are creating steps. This way you’ll always know what is coming next.

4. Swim Underwater

When you’re underwater, you lose air bubbles over time. And if you wait too long, your character will begin to lose health.

If you’re planning to be underwater for a long time, take a bucket with you. When you start to lose air, place the bucket over your head by right-clicking.

This will give you a short pocket of air that may keep you alive longer. But don’t rely on it too much. You can only use it once.

5. Use Wooden Slabs for Building

Wooden slabs don’t burn when fire gets placed on them. This will help you survive in case of a fire.

Wooden slabs also have a higher blast resistance than regular blocks do. So when that inevitable creeper makes it into your house, you won’t have to rebuild everything.

Why does this work? Nobody knows. Don’t tell any scientists though.

6. Take Signs and Ladders With You

Signs don’t do much in survival mode, and ladders you might only use to climb out with. But you can use them for other situations in Minecraft.

If you’re cave diving, you’ll want to take one or the other with you. They both are able to stop lava or water.

7. Runaway

At the beginning of the game, you’ll want to run away from danger. While you might survive an attack, wait until you have better materials to do it.

If you’re playing in hardcore mode, this is even more important. You have to treat that one life with care.

Go Survive in Minecraft

Now that you know how to survive in Minecraft, get playing. For more tips and survival guides, check out our gaming section.

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