How To Make Your Life More Daring

You’ve probably watched enough movies to create the most daring persona of someone in your head, thinking to yourself that you’ll never be like that. The good news is that anyone can be as daring as they fancy, provided they put in the effort required. Instead of putting yourself off for whatever internal reasons you have, you can try to see for yourself how it feels to be daring. Once you do, you’ll probably get addicted because you’ll find out that it’s much easier than you initially thought. It’s time to boost your confidence – although no one is saying it’ll be a walk in the park. It’s going to be that easy, but the learning curve is pretty friendly if you walk the right path.

To help you out, we’ll be providing you with our best tips to help you make your life more exciting and daring.

Get Out of the Zone

When you’re in your comfort zone, looking at life from the inside can get quite disillusive. You keep telling yourself that going out of your comfort zone will only bring you anxiety and trouble. That’s because, deep down, there is a person who’s afraid to experience the unknown and face their fears. You need to learn how to control this irrational fear because playing it safe 24/7 probably won’t keep you all that safe, not to mention it will prevent you from leading a fulfilled and happy life.

You can start getting out of your comfort zone by taking baby steps, at your own rhythm. Start by trying out a new restaurant every week or two, go out on midnight walks, check out unexplored parts of your town, and visit a new city if you have the time. As you can imagine from the list of recreational tools available on, there are countless activities that you can do on your own if you have the right equipment. You can also try out a new sport every few months until you land on a non-conventional sport that helps you burst the bubble of your routine. Ultimately, you’ll find yourself more capable of making daring decisions as you expand the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Fight the Anxiety

It’s time for you to start exploring your extroverted side, which can fare pretty well in situations that require you to be bold and audacious. If there is one thing that’s holding you back from being more daring, it’s the anxiety you feel when you think about how others would perceive you if you do a certain action. Remember that if people judge you while you are doing something that isn’t exactly related to them, it’s seriously their loss. Some people are just inhibited and can’t understand how it feels not to be restricted by social chains, barriers and expectations.

Stop Asking for Irrelevant Permissions

While this can be easily misconstrued as rudeness, it’s actually far from being rude. We have this inherent need, which we probably couldn’t lose for some reason related to our parents, to ask for permission before doing anything. If you find yourself constantly waiting for the approval of others to be able to do something, you’ll never do anything worthwhile. It’s time for you to stop asking for permission and give yourself the permission you need to do the things you want, without feeling that you’ll be punished or mistreated.

Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

This isn’t advice that encourages you to be reckless, but sometimes, you may need to take a few risks to achieve great outcomes. A lot of people believe the world is so organized and that they need to cross all their T’s and dot their I’s to undertake something. Unfortunately, the world is much more chaotic than most of us would dare to think. If you think you’re 70-80% ready, don’t hesitate, and just go for it. The more you wait, the more momentum you’re bound to lose. Use this momentum as fuel to keep you going and reach that 100%, while doing something you’re excited about and that you’ve been looking forward to.

Stop Following Rules

This isn’t a piece of advice that encourages anarchy or breaking the law, yet some rules and conventions can be broken without legal or moral repercussions. These rules are the framework that binds a lot of creative and non-conventional work. Essentially, you need to learn about the rules to be able to break them and get away with it. You should learn to trust what your instincts are telling you rather than being constantly shackled by rigid rules placed by someone else. Do your best to make your own rules as you encounter various situations. In time, you’ll grow to use a bold and daring decision-making process naturally.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of experiences that you can go through in life. Leaving your comfort zone, taking initiatives, and creating your own rules will help you enjoy what life has to offer. Always remember that thinking about people’s opinions about what you do will invariably hold you back. Be more proactive and assertive in your approach, and you’ll never regret it.