How Not to Overdress for a Casual Dinner Party

Of all the items United States women own, 5.3 billion pieces are left neglected and never worn. That’s a lot of outfit combos that are going to waste in closets from coast to coast.

Picture this: You’re standing in front of your open closet, clothing strewn from one end of the room to the other, attempting to manifest the perfect casual dinner outfit. Sound familiar? We thought so.

Chances are you lean toward fancier clothing. As you’ve been told time and time again it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. We think it’s best to be just the right dressed.

Let’s break down how to avoid overdressing for that upcoming dinner party you’re prepping for.

Amp Up One Feature

Focus on just one feature to deck out for a casual dinner. It’s not time to cake on foundation or over accentuate all your features. In the case of a casual dinner, it’s best to gravitate toward neutral tones.

Pick your favorite feature, maybe it’s a bold heel, bright lips, or a chunky statement necklace. But don’t pick all three. Less is more when it comes to dinner parties.

Accessory Choice Makes a Big Difference

Accessories are as much a part of your outfit as your skirt and blouse. And they speak volumes about your personal style and the message you’re sending.

When it comes to accessories, avoid pearls and diamonds. Pick something fun that highlights the colors in your outfit or complements your eyes.

Think fun. Not fancy. Leave the tennis bracelets and iridescent pearl studs for the galas. 

Go To Shoes for a Casual Dinner

Casual dinner wear calls for shoes that aren’t too casual and aren’t too formal. It’s best to leave your stilettos and jewel-encrusted heels for formal parties. Flats and sandals are also best left for other occasions, in this case, a day out for lunch. 

The essential casual dinner party shoes are wedges, booties, and other heeled boots. These give a dressed-up look while still remaining fun and flirty.

Dress It Just Right with a Maxi-Dress

Perhaps you’d prefer to skip the jeans and skirts and jump straight to dresses. These can be tricky as some toe the line between formal and casual. Dresses that are solid picks for a casual first date outfit are maxi-dresses, mini dresses, and wrap dresses.

Need some dress inspo? Head to Lulu + Rose for outfit ideas that will have you planning your own dinner party just for the chance to try out a new look.

What Not to Wear

When the goal is not to be too fancy or too informal the line can seem blurry. That’s mostly because it is. But there are a few pointers to help you steer clear of casual dinner no-no’s. 

Avoid any clothing that is too flashy or too revealing. Swooping necklines on dresses tend to stray into gala territory. Remember, it’s a dinner party, not the Grammys.

On the opposite end of that spectrum, leave your logo t-shirts and ripped jeans for a casual stroll. 

Dinner Wear Doesn’t Have to Be High Fashion

The most important thing to keep in mind is comfort. Be sure the clothing you wear reflects your personal style and showcases you at your best casual self. Don’t sacrifice a memorable evening for an outfit that doesn’t fit the mood.

Take these tips to your closet and get ready for that upcoming casual dinner.