How Do I Start An eCommerce Business With Amazon?

Amazon is the undisputed heavyweight champion of online sales with over 2.5 million registered sellers. There is no shortage of people who are looking to grab a piece of the action by starting an eCommerce business with Amazon. A successful eCommerce business is a fantastic way to make money from home and as long as you have a good product to sell, it can actually be very simple. The hardest thing when creating a new eCommerce business is knowing how to get started.

 Here, we have put together an easy to follow guide, with simple steps to starting your own eCommerce business with Amazon:

Step One: Understand How People Sell Products On Amazon

The concept is actually very simple. Essentially, Amazon is a giant market with tens of thousands of market stalls. The biggest stall by far is Amazon’s stall where it sells all of its own products. All the other stalls are owned by separate sellers who use Amazon’s giant market to sell their products. It is an excellent way to market your products, as Amazon has immense traffic and so the exposure of your product and the chance of customer engagement is greatly increased than if you were just selling your products on your own website. 

Step Two: Create An Amazon Seller Account

Amazon does not just allow people to use its marketplace to sell products. First, you will need to create an Amazon seller account. This is very simple and is done through the Amazon website. Amazon offers two different seller options: “Individual” and “Professional”. If you have an “Individual” account, you pay Amazon $0.99 every time you sell one unit. This is a good option when you first start out and you don’t have too much stock to sell. If you have a “Professional” account, you pay Amazon a monthly subscription fee of $39.99. This is the better option for bigger businesses who sell more units of their product. 

Step Three: Decide On What Products To Sell

Of course, the main thing you will have to decide is what you are going to sell on Amazon. There is a reason why Amazon is by far the biggest marketplace in the world; there are 2.5 million sellers, selling hundreds of millions of products. It is so important that you do comprehensive research into the market and work out where you fit in. With so many sellers and products on Amazon this can be very time consuming, but if you click here you can find a great online resource to help with your research. If you have your own product that you have created or of which you have manufacturing and sales rights, this is a relatively simple decision. You have your product, now you just have to decide the best way to present it on Amazon. If you want to act as a middleman and sell someone else’s product on Amazon, you should be aware that there may very well be another seller (or many other sellers) who are already selling that same product on Amazon. One common thing you will see is sellers essentially Remarketing cheaper Chinese products. There can be great profits to be made doing this, but there is usually significant competition. Decide on your product, decide on your pricing and you are ready to go.

Step Four: Decide How To Ship Your Product

The shipping options you offer and how accurate your shipping policy can have a huge effect on your customer ratings. The main reason people use Amazon is for the convenience of being able to shop from their homes and have the purchase delivered straight to their door in a secure and timely fashion. If you fail to deliver products on time or they get lost or arrive damaged, your customers will be very unsatisfied, and the poor reviews they will give you may be very hard to recover from. Research your shipping options thoroughly and make sure you are realistic and honest with delivery times. Find a reputable shipping company that services other eCommerce businesses and start to build a good relationship with them.

An eCommerce business with Amazon can be a fantastic way to make great money. If you have a new product, there is no better way to build brand awareness and reach out to new potential customers. If you are already successfully selling an established product, it is an excellent way to expand your business and maximize the potential of your sales. Just follow these easy steps and you will be well on your way to starting your own eCommerce business with Amazon!