Here’s 3 Examples of World-Changing Music Marketing Strategies That Made Singers Idols

You’ve worked hard on your music, and it’s finally at a place that you’re happy with. But there’s more work to be done — you still need to get people to listen to it. With the music market more saturated than ever, it can be hard to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. 

Music marketing is about capturing the rhythm of the market. With the right strategies, you can capture the attention of the masses and launch your music and fame to new levels. 

Success is simply reliant on finding the right strategy to pair with your tunes. Every situation is different. Read on, and we’ll walk you through a few potential music marketing solutions that you should consider. 

1. Make Outside Of The Box Merch

Merchandise is a great way to get your name or the name of your band out there. What could be better than fans literally carrying your torch for you out in the wild? Best of all, you get paid for the merchandise too. 

One amazing way to stand out is to sell merchandise that is a little left of normal. Every artist ever has sold t-shirts, but what about hand mugs, temporary tattoos, or surfboards? Thinking outside of the box can pay off.

Daft Punk once released official condoms and action figures intended to promote the band, and these items were a big hit. It’s not likely something that press will latch onto, but an original merch idea can spark endless conversations between your fans and potential new ones. 

2. Release A Visual Companion

If there’s one way to make a bigger splash with your music, it’s to pair it with an original video component. It could be a viral-friendly music video like the kind that OKGO came to fame on. 

Or it could be even bigger: artists like The National and Florence The Machine both released lengthy narrative films alongside their new records to help promote the work and expand its reach.

Making a film means you can reach out to film blogs as well as music ones. You can then use a site like to help get the word out about your music and new film.

3. Create A Tasty Treat or Drink

Another great way to connect with fans is through their taste buds. Artists as huge as Bob Dylan have taken the time to release products unrelated to music, such as alcohol, beer, coffee, and other such treats. 

These products can give you another source of income while giving you a new avenue to promote your music through. If you’re not quite at the level of being able to release your own product, consider partnering with a local chef or diner in town for a one-night-only event. 

People love to eat and drink, so using that love to your advantage can be a great idea. 

Can’t-Miss Music Marketing Strategies

It can be hard to make your music stand out in the saturated market of the current music industry. But the above music marketing strategies can help you differentiate yourself from the crowd. 

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