Good Puppy, Calm Puppy: How to Calm Down Your Hyper or Anxious Dog

Dogs, like humans, can suffer from anxiety and apprehension. Even if you know that your dog is not threatened, he does not know that. That’s why seemingly innocent things can stress out your pup.

But with some effort, you can have a calm puppy. Read on for the best tips to learn how to calm your dog down when she is stressed.

Introduce CBD Oil 

CBD oil for dogs is the latest incredible use for CBD oil. When your doggy eats some, the oil works to make the brain fire more serotonin. Serotonin reduces stress and promotes a relaxed mood.

This is an excellent way to create mellow dogs in stressful situations. It’s also one of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety in humans. 

Play Classical Music

Just as classical music can calm humans, studies show that dogs have a similar reaction. And it’s not really surprising as dogs have been man’s best friend for 15,000 years.

Classical music can help your dog enter a relaxed state when he or she is feeling anxious at home. 

Get Your Dog to Rest Their Chin

When dogs are stressed, they have their heads up and alert ready for danger. One trick for how to get your dog to calm down is to get your pup to rest his chin.

This will automatically put your dog into a restful, calm state. Use treats to encourage your doggy to rest his chin in your palm.

You can also use petting and sitting on your lap as a way to encourage Fido to rest his chin and take a breather. 

Make the Dog’s Bed Awesome

If you had a thin blanket on a cold floor as a bed, would you be eager to go lie there? Neither would your dog.

Make sure your furry friend has a cozy bed that is the right size. You can make your pet’s bed an awesome place to go hang out by randomly leaving treats in the bed.

This positive reinforcement will train your dog that lying in bed is rewarding. And if you catch your pup in bed, go ahead and reward her with a biscuit.

If your dog loves nothing more than a good belly rub, make a point of offering up a good scratch when you catch her lying in bed.

As your puppy learns that a bed is a wonderful place to hang out, he will learn to go there when he needs comfort. Then you’ll have a well-balanced and relaxed puppy. 

Distract Your Dog with a “Find It” Game

Just like humans, your dog can get trapped in a stressful state of mind. You can help your dog get out of that mind frame with a distraction.

Sniffing is a calming activity for all dogs. So you can use that to your advantage by playing a game of “find it”.

Grab a handful of treats and sprinkle them on the ground around you. Point out a treat and let Fido find it.

This exercise will teach your pup that scary experiences aren’t all bad! Treats are part of the process.

You can use this trick during walks as well. Play the game so that your dog stays focused on the treat instead of the scary thing.

Final Thoughts on Raising a Calm Puppy

Thanks for reading! As you can see raising a calm puppy takes patience and effort. Positive reinforcement is the key!

Just remember that puppyhood is a stage. Your young pup is learning all about life and new experiences can be frightening. As you help her through it, she will be better able to stay calm next time.

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